healing heart
110 Problems part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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110 Problems part two

sitting on the chair he watched her as she moved around the room as she packed her clothes after what her mother did Althea need to go and find a solution for this mass that her mother create it it's going to be easy she knew that but she has to do it

his eyes followed every movement she did with her hair let down she looked like an angel he wanted her to let it down all the time but he didn't anyone by him to see it or touch it was a conflict of desires that he was battling inside him he wanted to have her all to himself but of course that option is not available

" I'm ready " the lord heard her say

" come here," the lord said extending his hand for her to take and she did he guided her to sit on his lap

drowning her in his embrace he buried his face in her neck her skin always smelled nice like a mixture of dark chocolate and vanilla unable to control his desires he started to place a small kisses on her neck making her giggle as she tried to stop him she cupped his face with her both hands to see him close his eyes at her touch

" I will go back here so you don't have to worry, " Althea said she knew that he didn't want to let her go but it's an urgent matter

" Something always happens to you when I'm not with you " the Lord spoke as he placed his forehead on hers

" you can not always stop the inevitable," she said replying to his words

she felt him tightened his grasp on her body " don't you ever repeat these words Althea " he warrened her in a gentle tone as much as her words were true he didn't want to hear it

the time for her leaving has come the lord escorted her to the car personally, Althea wanted to go on her own but the lord refused after watching the car drove away he went back inside the mansion


" did you bring her, " the lord asked his long-time friend

nodding his head the two of them heard towards the library

" lord Kaname " the young maid named Risa stood up bowing respectfully

looking the female in front of him she was the same girl who caused problems before and her being involved in what happened to Althea is surely no coincidence

" how told to do it " the lord decided to not waste time on her and ask straight to the point

" I'm sorry my lord but I don't know what are you talking about I ..." the sound of the glass cracking scared her that couldn't speak anymore

" don't you dare lie in front of me speak or I will rip your heart out " the Lord spoke in a threatening tone

" my lord Ah " the sound of the hard slap echoed through the room the girl fall backward carving her face with her hand

" speak how told you to do this " the Lord spoke repeating his words

" I d..." another hard slap landed on the other side of her

" ANSWER " the lord raised his voice making her flinch in fear

" I say everything please doesn't kill " Risa sobbed as she spoke

" a man came to me while I was on the market his face was covered he gave me an envelope that was filled with money and told me that if I killed her I will have the duple this payment " she finally blurted out everything

" and the poison" this time Takuma asked

" he gave it to me and told me to use it in a small amount " she replied looking at the two-man in fear " please forgive me my lord " Risa bagged him

" We should use her to find who is behind all this " Takuma suggest to see the lord nod in approvement

" I will leave everything to Takuma," the lord said before leaving


at Althea house

" do you have a plan? " Jan asked

" I'm going to speak to him directly " Althea replied

" who Yuto? " Jan asked again making Althea glare at her

" yes, I'm going to tell him that what happened was not with my approval there for this engagement is void " Althea spoke as she looked outside the window she was waiting for the so-called fiancé of hers

hearing the knock on the door the both girls exchanged a look before Althea went to open the door

" be easy on the boy Althea " Jan whispered as followed her

opening the Althea saw Yuto standing in front of the door holding flowers in his hand

" good afternoon Althea " she heard him say

taking a good look at him she noticed that he was quite handsome they have been neighbors for a long time now but she never noticed him pushing her thoughts aside Althea decided to focus on the main point

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" good afternoon, let us speak out said my mother is sleeping " Althea spoke taking the flowers from him and giving them to Jan

" the poor boy " Jan mumbled as she watched them she knew Althea has a very bad temper and she hoped that she could control and don't slap the poor boy because when Althea is angry her hands act on there own

" I know that my mother has approved this engagement for my own sake but as you can see Yuto I'm not approving so this whole engagement is void " Althea was the first one to speak

" I told your mother that it's wrong and that we should wait for you " the young man spoke only to be cut off by Althea

" I think you don't understand I don't want this whole engagement so please forget about what my mother said, " Althea said she knew that she was being harsh on him but she must put an end for this mass

" do you love someone else," he asked to see the shocked look on her face

" yes I do " she decided to be honest

" he is a very lucky person to be loved by a beautiful person like you, I have liked you since the moment I saw and now that I had my chance it was already too late " the young spoke as he looked at her

Althea pushed the guilty feeling aside and remind herself that what she did was for the best

" thank you so much for understanding," she said

" it's alright, it was nice to meet you, take care Althea," Yuto said before he left

Althea went back to the house thinking about what she will do with her mother now that the easy part is over the hardest part was speaking with her she wished that she could go to sleep and wake up to find everything is over but unfortunately, that is not going to happen with her


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