healing heart
111 Problems part three
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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111 Problems part three

Althea decided to speak with her mother after the lunch hoping that everything goes smoothly for her

" it has been a while since you last visit me, why is that?" her mother asked if

"I didn't have the time most of the past days were very eventful at the mansion so when I had the time I came, I'm very sorry mother " Althea felt bad after hearing her mother words it was true she doesn't visit her as before she will have to blame the lord for that she thought to herself

" I know Chou told me " her mother spoke as held her hand " but all of this is going to change you don't have to work there anymore "

Althea stayed silent waiting for her mother to continue

" I'm sure that Jan told about your engagement, now that you are about to get married you don't have to work there anymore " her mother spoke with so much happiness making Althea task more difficult

" I'm sorry mother but I refuse this engagement, " Althea said

" and why is that? " her mother started to get angry

" because I don't know him and suddenly I hear that you approved an engagement that I don't know about, mother please stop doing that to " Althea bagged her

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here mother response to her was slapping her the slap was strong that Althea could feel the sting on her check this the first her mother hit her

turning her face to look at her mother Althea spoke " I'm sorry to disappoint you mother " Althea left and went towards her room

she didn't cry nor she felt sad she felt nothing like she was empty she lay down on the bed she tried to go to sleep but it didn't work she couldn't sleep she stayed awake looking at the ceiling above her touching her slightly swollen cheek it doesn't hurt this was the first time something like this happen did she crossed her lines and offended her mother? Althea asked herself, no she didn't she only didn't want to be forced on doing things she didn't want and that what her mother been doing since she was young

to get rid of the stress she went to the bathroom to take a warm bath maybe it will help her to fall asleep

Jan who was outside the room heard everything she decided to not interfere its family matters so it's best to stay aside she wanted to check on Althea but her room door was locked Jan felt sad for her friend nothing seems to go right for Althea her friend was always unfortunate, looking outside the window it was getting dark she decided to stay over the situation is very complicated here and she didn't want to leave Althea alone

" so the situation is that complicated " Jan sighed as she was cleaning the table after the both of them ate dinner well mostly Jan who ate while Althea didn't eat much

" I'm very tired it's like my life is like roller coaster nothing seems to go right with me, " Althea said

" don't worry everything will be alright " Jan spoke patting her friend shoulder

a knock on the door got there attention who is knocking at this time both girls wondered

" I will open it," Jan said

opening the door Jan's eyes widened when she saw how is standing in front of her " l ..l.... lord Kaname what are doing here? " Jan stuttered from the shock

" Jan who is it " came Althea voice as walked out of the kitchen

"it's a.... come and see for yourself, " Jan said pointing at the door

Althea frowned upon hearing her friend " Don't tell me that ... wh....i ....." Althea too stuttered as she saw who was it

" good evening ladies " the lord was the first one to greet them

but the two girls kept on blinking their eyes it was unusual coincidence to see the king of the vampires at your door greeting you normally like it's nothing

" good evening to you lord Kaname, " Jan was the first one to get back to her senses " Althea I'm going to bed goodnight " Jan spoke before she went to her room

Althea was still shocked that she didn't notice that the lord came inside and locked the door and walked towards her

touching her face gently the Lord spoke " are you that surprised " the lord said

" I .... mmmm... come with me " she dragged him towards her room

closing the door she turned around to look at him " why are you here? " she asked to see him touch her swollen cheek

" I came to see but it seems that I'm late " he added a little pressure on her cheek to see her flinch

" does it hurt," he asked brushing her hair aside exposing her face more

she nodded her head and he kissed her forehead " stay still " she heard him say before she felt his lips on her cheek a warm feeling spread along her skin making her close her eyes it felt good and soothing

" there you go," the lord said

touching her cheek it doesn't hurt anymore it's the pain magically despaired " thank you " she said

he patted her head gently smiling at her she looked very beautiful wearing a sleeveless dress exposing the skin of her arms the dress was stopped above her knees the white color made her look like an angel

noticing his burning gaze at her she felt uncomfortable she had worn this dress because there was no one but Jan and her mother she didn't expect that the lord will visit well no one can expect that

" did you have dinner? I can prepare a meal quickly for you " Althea said trying to distract his gaze from her body

" no thank you, I came here because I missed you so may I stay with you for a while, " the lord said

Althea:- ಠ∀ಠ

" of course you can stay " she saw a look of sadness in his eyes something must have happened after she left Althea thought

" mmm my room is not big and I don't have a sofa in here so we can sit on the bed but if ...." Althea couldn't continue speaking when the Lord put his finger on her lips gently

" you don't have to be nervous being here makes me happy " the Lord spoke as he looked around the room

Althea saw him walking towards the small bookshelf the lord looked through the books that were on the shelf then he found a photo's album he turned around looking at Althea who was already sitting on the bed

" may I," the Lord asked her permission to look at the album

" y.... yes " Althea replied scratching her head what an embarrassment he will say photos of her when she was a baby

the lord sat beside her and started to look through the photos feeling embarrassed Althea looked at the other side facing the wall there were very embarrassing pictures that her mother took when she was a child, its been around five minutes and all that she can hear is the pages flapping

" you were very cute when you were a child more outgoing to be accurate " she heard the lord say she turned around and saw him smiling gently as he looked at the pictures

he have a beautiful smile she noticed if only he would smile more often, she saw him looking at her fourteen birthday then he looked at her and without any warning he kissed her lips suddenly she felt his hand on the back of her head she gasped and he took the chance to enter his tongue inside her mouth tasting the sweetness of it she clinched the fabric of his shirt tightly as he kissed her roughly she almost lost her concussion from the lack of oxygen when he finally let go of her lips she was panting heavily as he chest rise and fall trying to catch her breath he touched her swollen lips gently he was about to kiss her again but she blocked him putting her hand on his mouth

" please my mother and Jan are here " Althea spoke pointing at the door to see him smile devilishly

he bent down placing his forehead " when you will be back? he asked his breath touching her face she was surrounded with his fragrance that she couldn't think straight he always does that to her whenever he is around her he will make feel things that she never imagined she will feel

" The situation between me and my mother is a bit complicated so I need more time " Althea replied

" Alright, but don't take long I will miss you " the Lord spoke as he runs his fingers between her hair and she nodded her head

after the lord left Althea went to check on her mother she found her sleeping she walked towards the bed she bent down and kissed her forehead making sure to not wake her up

" I wish that you make it easier for me " Althea spoke in a whisper before she left the room


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