healing heart
112 Unwanted gues
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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112 Unwanted gues

" tell me what happened yesterday? " Jan asked as they were preparing the breakfast

" nothing we just talked for some time and then he left " Althea replied

" hmmm, when you were sick I watched him as he didn't let anyone take care of you expect him " Jan paused looking at Althea who was blushing like a tomato " I'm happy for you Althea "both girls hugged each other feeling touched by the moment

Althea felt very lucky to have a friend like Jan who can always rely on

" mother why are you doing that " Althea who was picking up the pieces of the broken plates from the ground spoke her mother was pushing her to the limits this time

after seeing this Jan couldn't stand by the side any longer her mother was torturing her after Althea left the room Jan took the chance to speak her mother

closing the door behind her Jan took the seat across the bed

" aunty may I speak to about Althea " Jan spoke trying to be polite and not cross the line but her aunt didn't reply

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Jan decided to speak anyway " aunty don't get me wrong but you are making things difficult for she is not a child she will decide for herself when she wants to get married "

" and when that will be after I die," her aunt said

Jan shook her head in frustration " please aunty don't say that again you know that who much she loves but this why you're making her life miserable you can not force her to marry someone she doesn't love " Jan said everything that she has been holding in from yesterday

" Does she love someone? " Jan was taken aback by her aunt question

" and what if she is? " Jan asked her back

" then you are confirming my suspicion, in that case, I need to know how he is, " her aunt said

" well if she does have someone I'm sure you will be the first one to know about, " Jan said not wanting to rise any unwanted suspension's around Althea


after two days later Althea went back to the mansion the situation is still complicated between her and her mother Althea saw that the best solution, for now, is to give her mom some space to rethink everything that happened recently maybe understand her

" Welcome back," the lord said as he drew her in his embrace

" thank you," Althea said

he felt her shift uncomfortably in his arms " are you alright? " the Lord asked he had seen her touch her stomach a few times since she came

" yes, I just haven't slept well last night a little sleep and I will be fine " Althea lied she slept well last night but she woke up with a stomach ache meeting that her menstrual period is coming

kissing her forehead he spoke " go to sleep I will wake up when I get back "

" you are going out? " Althea asked

" yes but I will not take long I will be here before you wake up " patting her head he spoke to her in a gentle tone

Althea nodded her head and went to her room changing her clothes she went to bed to sleep a bit her back started to hurt she thought maybe sleeping for some time it will help her

an hour later Althea couldn't sleep the unwanted guest has visited her she went to the kitchen to prepare something warm to drink her back stomach and head hurt

she went back to her room and lied back on the bed waiting for the pain killers to take there effect to reduce the pain but nothing worked half an hour later the pain increased she felt like her back going to split in two from the severe pain she clenched her stomach painfully

she was glad that the lord wasn't her or else how she will explain this embarrassing situation.


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