healing heart
113 his tender side
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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113 his tender side

the mansion was very quiet the lord noticed he thought that she will be awake by now its almost four in the evening is she still asleep the lord wondered as he headed towards her room

opening the door gently he saw her laying on her side her back facing sensing that someone was in the room she turned around

" good evening, when did you get back? " Althea asked as sit up on the bed her voice sounded a bit weak and her face was pale

walking towards the bed he placed his hand on her forehead she is a bit warm " what's wrong your face is very pale " the lord asked as he sits on the bed taking her hand in hers

" I'm fine " the moment she spoke she felt strong pain making her clench her stomach as her face twisted in pain

the lord understand everything, that explain the faint smell of blood he had thought that she may be injured herself accidentally

" I'm fine I just need some rest " Althea spoke when she saw the lord sat up taking off his coat and shoes and climbed the bed beside her

" shhh relax " the Lord spoke gently as pulled her in his arms

the pain was getting stronger again and she didn't know what to say to make him go but she can't tell that she having her period that would be extremely embarrassing Althea was lost in her thoughts when she felt his hand on her stomach her eyes widened

she reached out to stop him but the lord stopped her " there is nothing to be ashamed of " the lord said as he kissed her forehead " a gentle massage will help to reduce the pain " the lord said as he started to massage her abdomen gently

" I will be fine you don't need to that," she said as she tried to get up

" Althea " the lord warned her and she lied there obediently

" Good girl," the lord said as he continued to massage her abdomen gently his movements was very skillful he added the right amount of pressure

at first, the contractions were still strong that she had to bit her lip to endure it but after a few minutes the pain started to lessen

" batter " she heard the lord as still massaging her abdomen

she nodded her head and he continued his skillful work it felt good she admitted to herself the feeling of his warm against her abdomen as it moved gently it made her feel like she wanted to sleep

the lord didn't just stop there he massages her shoulders back legs and again her lower abdomen it made her wonder how is it that he is very skillful at almost everything

caressing her face gently he watched her as she slept even her sleeping face was very cute seeing that she was sleeping soundly he lie down beside her he closed his eyes as he hugged her close to him

when Althea woke up she noticed that she was alone the sky was already dark looking at the time it was eight in the evening she has slept four a hours but she felt much better

getting off the bed she went to the bathroom she took a quick bath and got dressed she was very hungry she decided to look for the lord first then go to the kitchen and prepare a quick meal

opening the door she saw the lord was coming towards her

" Althea you are awake," the lord said as walked towards her

" how do you feel? " he asked patting her head gently

" much better " she replied, there was a smell of food being cooked

" that's good come you must be hungry, " the lord said as held her hand " there is a new maid that I brought I have chosen her carefully so you don't have to worry, " the lord said when that reached the dining room
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pulling the chair for she sat down and he across of her " but I can't just stay like that all the time I will feel like am a burden " she voiced her thoughts

the lord sighed tiredly at her stubborn she won't change no matter what " as I told you before I won't push to do things that you don't want but you can expect that you can take everything by your self you need someone to help you am I right? " the Lord spoke explaining why he brought another maid

" thank you," Althea said smiling slightly at he was always thoughtful towards her

" What a beautiful smile you have I would like to see it more often, " the lord said making her look away blushing forcefully


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