healing heart
115 Enemy
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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115 Enemy

two weeks have passed since Althea recovered everything seemed to be very quiet here health have gotten better with the days and with the lord observation, of course, the misunderstanding between her and her mother is still yet to be solved but that didn't stop her from visiting her and making her favorite pie she only can hope that she understands her

the lord doesn't stay at the mansion as before he seemed to be busy more than the usual these days he leaves at morning only to come late at night she wanted to ask him about it but she felt like it's not her place to ask, she spends most of her time Keomi the maid thanks the lord brought her she is a good person the both of them are friends now though Keomi is older than Althea but she very nice woman and easy to talk to and very beautiful woman

" that's a very delicious smell," Keomi said as she entered the kitchen

" it's ready, do you want some? " Althea asked as she placed the newly baked chocolate cake on the table

" yes please, " Keomi said

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cutting a piece of the cake she placed it on Keomi plate then she cut one for herself

" mmmm it's very delicious," Keomi said after tasting the cake

" thank you," Althea said smiling at her the lady love to eat very much but she doesn't gain weight it's very wired she thought

" so tell me, for how long you and the lord been together? " Keomi asked as she cut another piece of cake to eat it

Althea who was eating choked on her food and started to coughing forcefully when she heard her question she reached the water glass and drink it in one gulp

Keomi laughed at her reaction the young girl was blushing forcefully her face was red like a tomato though it wasn't Althea actions that gave away the lords action did the way he talks to her the way he treats and most importantly the way he looks at her it wasn't an ordinary maid and master relationship anyone could notice that

" you don't need to be terrified, " Keomi said " don't worry I won't tell anyone the lord is someone that respect very much " Keomi spoke and Althea felt a bit better after hearing her words

" so are you not going to tell, " Keomi asked again

Althea cleared her throat before speaking as she still not recovered from the shock " there is nothing to tell, I think you misunderstood my relationship with the lord " taking the plates Althea went to the sink and started to wash them

" it's alright I'm not going to push you if you don't want to speak, but friendly advice be careful if you don't want to know about your relationship with the lord, " Keomi said before walking out of the kitchen

sighing Althea stood there thinking about what Keomi just said she has been acting carelessly thinking that no one would know and right now it's not the right time for anyone to know about it especially her mother that would make things more difficult and complicated she has to be more careful around the lord from now on, but how does Keomi know the lord he seems to trust her a lot it looks like that they know each other long time ago she never thought about asking the lord about but now she will when she has the chance


" lord Kaname, how are you? " the pureblood Sara Shirabuki spoke

" I'm good, thank you for asking " the Lord replied coldly not even bothering to ask her back

" how cold of lord Kaname you speak to like I'm your enemy or something is that because that illegal girl " the blonde female didn't get the chance to complete her words as the lord bind her against the wall straggling her neck

" don't you dare to repeat that again Sara " the Lord spoke in a threatening tone before he releases his grasp on her throwing her on the ground and walking out of the room


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