healing heart
116 Oblivious
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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116 Oblivious

something is wrong Althea thought as she placed the tray on the table the lord looked very angry and for an unknown reason he came back early today something that he didn't do in a long time now

Althea sat on the sofa beside him she handed him the tee cup she sat there waiting for him to say something but he didn't say anything he looked very tired and exhausted and very angry he always pushes her to speak when she is angry or sad this time she will be the one who will push him

" Kaname, did something happen? you have been quiet since you came back " Althea said

trying to look at her the lord caressed her face affectionately it made happy that she was worried about him " I apologize for my rudeness " the lord was cut off by her

" that was not I meant, something is bothering you and I can tell that it's somehow it's related to me," Althea said to see the lord smiling softly at

taking her hand in his he kissed the back of it " sometimes I wonder what good deed I did that I did to deserve you " the lord said as he looked in his eyes

Althea looked down hiding her blushing face he always does that training a serious conversation to a romantic one

" I'm being serious here," Althea said

" I know and I will tell you everything once I have a good rest, " the lord said as he rested his head on her lap

Althea watched as he closed his eyes once he finished speaking her heartache seeing him like this he hasn't slept well for almost three weeks now, of course, he will be exhausted if he was a human he would have surely gotten sick

reaching her hands she started to massage his his forehead gently not adding too much pressure then his temples the lord made a sound of satisfaction as she continued her work a few minutes later she noticed that his breath evened he fall asleep quickly and with her help he felt a bit relaxed and slept soundly on her lap he looked very handsome even when he's sleeping his soft dark hair that was very soft to her touch

she loves to touch his hair and run her fingers through it he had the most beautiful black hair she ever saw that was her secret that she can not let him know about she keep it a secret in her heart it would be very embarrassing if knew about

she continued to stroke his hair gently as slept comfortably on her lap the lord slept for complete two hours before he woke up it was a bit hard for Althea as she sat still in her place unmoving that she began to feel her legs numb but she couldn't bear to wake him up


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" I will be back after three days," Keomi said as she packed her clothes " once my son health gets better I will go back "

" don't worry about when you will be back. but is his illness serious? " Althea asked as she helped her

" it's just a cold he will be fine in a few days and it's normal in his age " Keomi replied

after Keomi left Althea felt a bit lonely the mansion was a big place to stay alone in the lord was busy finishing his work in the library so she did not want to disturb him she went to the kitchen to start preparing the dinner

an hour a half later the dinner was ready seeing that it still early she decided to prepare something for the dessert

the delicious smell made the lord unable to focus on his work he knew that Keomi was long gone so that means that Althea is the one who is cooking

upon reaching the kitchen entrance he stopped there watching his precious girl as she moved around the kitchen elegancy she was very focused that she didn't notice that he was standing there she looked very beautiful and tempting at the same time he saw taste the Ingredients that she was making in bowl by dipping her finger in the bowl and lick it with the tip of her tongue she was oblivious about what her innocent action did to him

walking towards where she was standing the lord spoke " that's a very delicious smell "

upon hearing his voice Althea turned around to see the lord walking towards her " dinner is ready in five minutes " Althea said as was about to go towards the sink to wash her hand

but the lord hugged her from behind as his hands rested on her waist


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