healing heart
117 Repulsive?
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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117 Repulsive?

feeling his hands on her waist and his breath on the skin of her neck she began to feel nervous as her heart pick up it's beating her brain stopped working once his lips touched the sensitive part of her neck only brushing his lips on her skin she tightened her hold on the bowl he suddenly stopped his actions leaning his chin on her shoulder

" I will wait for you in the dining room " the lord whispered in her ear before he left the kitchen

Althea stood there in dizze he only was teasing her as always but why did she felt something different this time or was she thinking too much

in the dining room

Althea was well aware that the lord eyes were on her for more than ten minutes now it made it hard for her to even eat her food it was like he was devouring her with his eyes instead of the food the safest option in this situation is to act as if she was unaware knowing exactly to what it will lead if played along with it

after the dinner, Althea avoided being around the lord she went to her room and took a refreshing bath it was the beginning of the summer so it was quite hot and after cooking all this food she needed a nice and refreshing bath

as she sat on the bed reading a book she forgot about the lord evening tee she quickly went to the kitchen to prepare it having only thinking about how to keep her distance she forgot about his tee

knocking on the bedroom door she pushed the wooden door open after his permission the lord was sitting on the sofa comfortably with his legs crossed one above the other he was reading some letters that were sent from the Senate he lowered the peppers in his hands looking at the beautiful girl who just entered

her sweet aroma invaded his senses he could hear her heartbeat as it bested very fast she was nervous that he noticed

" here is your tee " the lord heard her say

" thank you " the Lord spoke in a gentle voice making Althea not notice the look in his eyes

she was very close to him right now as she placed the tee cup on the table near him the smell of her blood mixed with her sweet aroma tempted him he tried to ignore the thought of sinking his fangs in the delicate skin of her neck

Althea saw that the deck on the bedroom was quite a mass files and papers were all scattered on the deck that very unusual for him she thought

from the corner of her eyes, she saw the lord standing up from his place walking towards her

" you don't have to that " she heard say as he took the papers from her placing it back on the table he turned her around making her shiver as saw his red blood eyes gazing at her with lost

he couldn't bear it anymore as he captured her lips with his as he held her body close to him he kissed her very passionately making her unable to think what is happening it was the first time that she felt him kiss her with that much hunger

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when she opened her lips gasping for air the lord entered his tongue inside her mouth exploring and tasting her sweet mouth by now she was completely defenseless to his touch

he broke the kiss only to start kissing every inch of her face she tried to cover her mouth to no let any sound out but held her arms still as he continued his torment on her she moaned loudly when he sucked on her neck hungrily making her legs weaken unable to stand on her feet

he lifted her by the waist making her sit on the edge of the deck still kissing and sucking on the sensitive part of her neck he parted her legs settling himself between them

suddenly without any warning he bit her neck and started to suck her blood it was only a few seconds before he withdrew his fangs from her neck he licked the newly opened wound to heal it drinking her blood wasn't enough for him he wanted more he wanted to hear her passionate crying voice

Althea was still recovering when kissed her lips hungrily once more she felt his hand slip underneath her clothes feeling her soft skin feeling his warm hands on her skin

he touched her skin gently but he wanted more, he pulled away taking a look at her red face he could see the look of desire in her eyes but she was too shy to act upon it

he lightly touched her lower lip with his thumb feeling the softness of it her lips were red and swollen he regretted not kissing her gently he bent down and kissed them gently making her feel dizzier by this passionate yet gentle kiss

there was a waired feeling that started to feel she loved his touch yet she afraid of it the mixed feelings of desire and fear made it very hard for her to choose she looked up shyly at as asking for him to decide for her

lifting her he walked towards the bed placing her gently on it he climbed above her covering her body with his large one he looked in her eyes reading all the emotions that she was struggling with

kissing her forehead he spoke gently " tell me are you scared? " the lord asked to see her nod her head shyly

" can you tell why? " the Lord asked again but she nodded her no she didn't know what she was exactly scared of

" then do you feel repulsive by my touch? " the lord asked to see her look away her face becoming redder with every passing second

he knew what her answer is he tasted it in her blood the feelings the that she has for him but Althea was a girl who finds expressions her emotions is a very hard task though she is a very smart girl


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