healing heart
118 Replace your bad memories
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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118 Replace your bad memories

Warning mature subject


looking at the little girl underneath him he could feel the warmth of her body her beautiful milky skin is red due to the shyness and embarrassment her chest rise and fall as she tried to control her breath she was still looking away refusing to meet his eyes

caressing her cheek lovingly he turned her face gently to look at him " look at me Althea " the Lord spoke as in a voice almost a whisper trying to calm the nervous little girl

looking in his eyes she saw him looking at her lovingly it added to her anxiety it was completely normal to have an Intimate relationship between them but the incident from the past still hunting her she wanted to tell him that but it was very hard after all that is not an easy thing to explain but she wanted to try to

" it's not that I feel repulsive by you it's just that I .... " she took a deep breath to calm down " what happened four years ago still affecting me I know you waited for a long time now but I'm scared " a tear fall from her eyes as she finished speaking

kissing her palm affectionately he wiped her tears with his thumb " that's what I wanted to hear you speak out your emotions " the lord said as sat up pulling her with him

he brushed the hair that falls on her face back her beautiful eyes were slightly red from crying

" thank you," Althea said taking the water glass from the lord she felt quite better after drinking the water she handed the glass back to the lord

" come here," the lord said pulling her towards him making her straddling him she placed her hand on his shoulders to steady her self the lord rested his hands on her waist

" would you let me help you replace your bad memories," the lord asked

she looked at him shocked by his sudden question she nodded her head shyly voicing her replies is something is that she still need to work on it

" then we will take everything slowly when you feel uncomfortable you need to tell me, " the lord said as he started to unbutton her white flowered blouse

he only unbuttoned the first three button's reveling her chest he saw her gulp softly

he peppered hot wet kisses from her cheeks jawline, throat making her shiver as continued kissing her he sucked on her neck to hear her moan and grabbing his shirt tightly with her small hands

he pushed her hair to the other side exposing the side of her face for him he kissed the area behind her ear before taking her earlobe between his lips bitting it gently before sucking it Althea closed her eyes as breath hitched in her throat she felt that her whole body becoming weaker as he went on with his assaulting on her body

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the lord pulled back to see the look of dizziness on her face and her alluring lips slightly open panting softly he captured her lips with his kissing gently but passionately making her body more sensitive than it already is

his skillful hands worked on unbuttoning the rest of the buttons of her blouse he didn't take it off he just left it open

he broke the kiss to look at the milky exposed skin before him the black undergarment that she was wearing underneath her white flowered blouse it added to her already tempting skin

Althea saw the lord eyes becoming darker with lust yet he was very gentle and patient with her but she didn't know what he planning to do was he going to take that step tonight

seeing the change in her behavior he understood what was on her mind

kissing her palm he looked in her anxious eyes " relax Althea I won't take you tonight " the lord said as he touched the skin above her bosom " I want you to focus only on my touch don't think about anything else " he waited for her answer before taking any further step

Althea blushed forcefully hearing his words and being almost with no clothes covering her private places but she nodded her head shyly

" Good girl," the lord said kissing her forehead

she felt him lift her black undergarment enough to expose her ample bosom she grabbed his shoulder tightly when she felt his hot breath on her sensitive skin

holding her body closer to him he took her pink nipple between his lips

" ah " her body arched as his greedy lips sucked her nipple slowly as he massaged the other

she was no longer hold back, her soft panting became loud as her passionate moans that pleased his ears

his hand that was massaging her bosom went underneath her dark gray skirt between her thighs

slipping one finger inside her cotton undergarment he lightly grazed her clit to hear her moan loudly he rubbed slowly gently at first her body trembled with pure ecstasy that his touch provided

looking at the little girl face that was extremely red by now a small beads of perspiration started to cover her body making her milky skin more alluring

he gradually increased the movement of his hand until he was handling her lower body roughly the moment he increased the movement of his fingers rubbing her sensitive bud quickly her moans become louder If someone else was in the mansion they would surely hear her voice

" good girl Althea, now come for me " the lord whispered in her ear increasing his movements

her vision become blurry with his mouth on her and hand roughly handling her sensitive parts she climaxed for the first time that night calling his name passionately

her body collapse falling limply at his body she hid her face in his neck embarrassed by what just happened her body was still trembling from her climax when she felt him push the hair that was covering her to look at her

her eyes were half-closed as she was still panting there was a line of tears that fall from her eyes landing at her cheeks

" good girl Althea, " the lord said kissing her cheeks " but we are still not done, " the lord said before rubbing her sensitive bud again this time extremely fast that she didn't have the time protect when her second climax hit her for that night

having been still sensitive from her first climax her second climax was very intense that her body didn't stop tumbling for more than a minute

she stayed leaning limply against his chest Althea felt something poking her lower body in it felt very hard, buttoning her blouse she looked up at the lord who was running his fingers through her soft long hair he was hugging her tightly as if he was controlling himself

" Did I hurt you? " the Lord asked when he saw the line of tears that fall from her eyes

she shook her head shyly at the same time she felt that hard thing poking her again

" you… mmm… do… " Althea stuttered unable to form a right sentence

she wanted to say she wanted to help him and not endure his painful she couldn't say it nor did she knew how to do it

understanding what she wanted to say he took her hands he kissed her knuckles " do you want me to show you how? " the Lord asked and she nodded her head not meeting his eyes

" First you need to look at me " the Lord spoke as he guided her face to look at him

placing her hands on the top button of his shirt he caressed her face " now undo the buttons " he guided her by opening the first one

she flowed his instructions and started to unbutton his shirt the more his skin become visible to her the more her hands shook and her the more her face blushed

" relax " the lord whispered rubbing her arms gently to soothe her nervousness

once the shirt was completely open he took her hands letting her touch his skin he guided her hands up and down loving the feeling of her soft hands on his skin, he knew that Althea didn't have any knowledge about pleasuring a man so he has to be patient with her

she could feel his hard muscles underneath her fingertips his body was well bulled that she noticed and it doesn't feel bad as she thought it will be

" do you want to stop, " the lord asked giving her the choice to decide

" no " she whispered to see him smile

taking her hand he guided her towards his trousers he rubbed her hand on his hard member to see him close his eyes in pleasure she wasn't aware of what her small touch did to him though he was the one that was guiding her hands

he kept on moving her hand up and down on his manhood before stopping she looked at him confused about what she should do next

she saw him unbuckle his waist belt and unzipping it she looked away shyly when she saw that

" you need to look at me Althea," the lord said before he took her hand warping it around his member

she gasped when felt her hand touching his manhood her hand begin to trample she suddenly felt scared and nervous

" don't be scared I will show you how, " the lord said before kissing her lips lightly

his hand above hers he moved it slowly not holding her tightly as he didn't want to scare her

this place of his body felt soft and hard and very warm at the same time she could tell that it a bit large she didn't look down where her hand was, she felt too embarrassed to do that

he pulled her body close to as he peppered wet kisses on her neck she could feel his hot breath on her neck

her face become very hot when she heard him groan in pleasure she felt him move her hand faster as his groans become louder with his lips close to her ear she could feel and hear every breath and sound that passed from his lips

she heard him groan loudly as she felt a hot liquid on her thigh she felt the lord hold on her body and hand loosen, she blushed forcefully when she looked down she immediately looked away

" thank you " she heard the lord say kissing her forehead gently

" how do feel? " the Lord asked as he gathered her in his arms walking towards the bathroom

hiding her blushful face in his chest she said " embarrassed " she heard the lord laughing before kissing the top of her head

after taking a refreshing bath together and fully dressed Althea changed the sheets before going to sleep together she falls asleep quickly due to the exhaustion, after all, it was a very long night


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