healing heart
119 The fear of losing someone
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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119 The fear of losing someone

Waking up early Althea prepared a huge breakfast more like a feast actually when she saw the lord sleeping deeply she didn't want to wake him up he was tired with all the work that he has been doing lately she quietly left the room

the lord has done very much for her he saved her life and protected her if it wasn't for him she would be dead now so in return she prepared much delicious food

looking at the time it was almost two hours since she woke up and the lord hasn't woken up until now she decided to take walk outside since it's still early and the weather is very nice today

the nice breeze touched her skin making her smile looking up the sky was clear it was the beginning of the summer it was her favorite season she hates the cold she didn't know if it's just coincidence but everything bad happened to her was in winter that's why she hated it, noticing that she stood there for too long she went back to the mansion

she saw the lord coming down the stairs he looked very handsome her wore black trousers and a black shirt the first two buttons were open reveling his skin

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" good morning Althea, " the Lord said not missing the way she looked at him

" good morning breakfast will be ready in a few minutes," Althea said trying to hide the fact that she was looking shamelessly at him

going inside the kitchen she saw him following her Althea tried to act normal she was about to cut the tomato when she felt him hug her from behind

" you look beautiful " the lord whispered in her ear

Althea:- (*﹏*;)

not knowing what to say she continued cutting the tomatoes with a blushing face, the lord flirting was something that she still can not handle

" you are even more alluring when you blush " the lord whispered in her ear again

Althea:- (@_@;)

" I need to prepare the tee, " Althea said as tried to push him away

But the lord wasn't done teasing her trying her around she was trapped between the table and him giving her no space to move, lifting her face to look at her " did you wake up early? " The lord asked brushing her the hair that falls on her eyes, she nodded her head

" Are you not going to light hear your voice " the lord said touching her lips gently with his thumb

" This is too much," Althea said smiling hopelessly at her situation she will never get used to this

" finely I hard your voice, but it seems to me that the only way to hear your melodic voice is to touch you passionately " the lord whispered in her ear teasingly he paused for a while before continuing " should we try it again "

Althea couldn't take it any longer she pushed away and walked out of the kitchen the poor girl face looked very red due to the embarrassment that man is very shameless how can he something like that

the lord watched her escape like a frightened cat he suddenly regretted his actions he shouldn't have teased her that much his precious girl was still young inexperienced but seeing her bashful face is something that he can never get enough of it

after the breakfast, Althea received a call from her mother by the way Althea spoke it was obvious that her mother still pushing her to get married

after the long phone call Althea sighed not knowing what to do her mother is still insisting on pressuring her she didn't want to make her mother sad and in the same time she didn't want to make the lord sad her mind was being torn between two options and it's making her very tired

she forgot about the lord who was sitting on the chair behind her she turned around and saw the lord looking at her he extended his hand for her to take it and did

the lord guided her to sit on his lap caressing her face he kissed the top of her head

" do you want me to help you? " The lord asked knowing what was going on in her mind

she shook her head before hiding her face in his chest feeling safe like this " if she knows it will make things more complicated " the lord heard her say

lifting her head she looked in the lord eyes " I'm scared to lose her or you, I know that I won't be able to bear it " Althea said her voice becoming weaker as she tried to hold back her tears

cupping her face with his hand he kissed her all over her face eyes nose cheeks and finally her lips " I will not let that happen " the lord spoke against her lips he was so close that their breathing entwined with one another

her mind was becoming dizzy with his proximity and his breath on her face the lord kissed her again passionately as if he wanted to make her forgot about her burdens

after the long heated kiss, she lay her head on his chest and soon she dozed off sleeping soundly in the lord arms

the lord didn't wake her up nor did he took her to her room he sat there with her in his arms watching her as she was sleeping

she looked very beautiful her long eyelashes fluttering from time to time her rosy lips were small yes very soft every time he kissed her
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    《healing heart》