healing heart
120 Hidden enemies
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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120 Hidden enemies

" what are you planning to do? " the Shirabuki heir asked sipping on her blood drink

looking outside the window the Hanadagi lord spoke without turning around " you will know when the time comes "

nodding her head Sara didn't like not knowing the details but she went along with it

" I heard that he saved her again, I'm not questioning you lord Isaya but he is planning to make her his wife and you what that she will be the queen? " the Shirabuki her stated trying to make that old vampire with her in the room to understand how serious the situation is maybe he would stop playing his stupid games

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" hmm, that girl is just like her mother a witch that charm everyone with her beauty and innocent but a queen that something I will never let it happen " the lord paused walking towards the chair across too Sara

" at first I thought that it was just a game but I didn't think that he will defy the rules that he established just for a lowly human like her " the lord chuckled as thought about that

looking at the man in front of her Sara suddenly became curious about something

" may I ask you why do you hate? her I understand that you hate her mother but she is your daughter your flesh and blood " Sara asked

" I don't know why either " the lord replied

Sara suddenly became scared that man is more crazier than she thought she continued sipping on her drink quality and didn't speak more she doesn't care about who will get hurt as long as that girl dies, the title of queen it belongs to someone like her, not some lowly human it's just a matter of time before everything is done she reminded herself


looking at the girl who didn't stop laughing for more than two minutes now Hana begin to regret coming here

" I'm very sorry it's just that it's too hilarious the poor man " Althea continued laughing

having enough of this Hana decided to leave she can't tolerate this more

" No no please stay I'm sorry I will stop laughing, " Althea said as she pulled Hana towards the mansion going to the kitchen

" are you hungry? do you want to eat something specific? " Althea asked as helped Hana to sit on the chair

the reason why Hana came today because she fought with her husband after finding out that she was pregnant with their fourth child and right now they bearly can support themselves and their children and having another child at this time will be very difficult to support

but Althea didn't stop laughing after Hana told her that she hit her husband with a cooking bowl

" anything will do, " Hana said as she rested her head on the table

after eating a meal together Hana wanted to leave but Althea didn't let her she asked her to stay for the night after taking her to her room she stayed with her until she falls asleep

Althea went to prepare the lord dinner, knocking on the door she opened the door with her free hand and held the tray with her other hand closing the door behind her she looked at the lord who seemed to be busy with the paper that was sent to him this morning she placed the tray on the table

" good evening Althea, I haven't seen you the whole " the lord said as he organized the thick pile of papers

" well Hana came today and a lot was going on with her so I couldn't just leave her " Althea replied

" I asked her to stay for the night, I hope you don't mind " she was a bit hesitant when she spoke watching him as he walked towards her, she has asked her to stay without asking him first but couldn't let her go in her current state

cupping her face he kissed her forehead " you can ask anyone to stay but I'm a bit disappointed I thought that I will be able to spend more time with you " he spoke faking his sadness

Althea smiled at his childish behavior she wondered if anyone expect her have seen this side of him

" she is a bit sick that's why I asked her to stay but is leaving tomorrow morning," Althea said comforting him knowing that he was faking his sadness

" is it something serious? " the Lord asked tagging a hair strand behind her ear

" no nothing serious, she is with a child so it's normal " Althea explained as the lord sat on the chair

walking towards the window she looked outside " my mother used to tell me that having a child is the most beautiful thing a woman experience, but having me cost her her health sometimes I feel guilty that she is sick because of me " the Lord heard her say there was a hint of sadness In her voice

looking at his reflection in the window she saw him coming towards her

" and she brought the most beautiful thing into this world and for that, I am very grateful to her " he whispered in her ear

" do you want to have children? " the Lord asked suddenly

Althea was shocked hearing this how did they get into this

" I d... I don't know " Althea replied feeling her cheeks starting to redden

she never thought about it, having children she suddenly became very embarrassed when she understood the lord meaning

if she would have children it will his she failed to understand it quickly

pushing the lord away she wanted to escape before things get more detailed

" I'm going to sleep, goodnight " with that she runs out of the room

the lord chuckled at her attempt to escape she looked no less than a scared little cat she was very adorable when she all flustered
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    《healing heart》