healing heart
121 Lion den part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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121 Lion den part one

Althea run down the stairs hurriedly making sure that he wasn't following her she sighed in relief when she saw her friend Jan was waiting for her she walked towards her quickly

" let's go," Althea said dragging her friend with her

Jan blinked her eyes looking at the girl beside her face was extremely red she started to have a clear idea of what happened and why her friend was acting like that, she decided to not ask her for now

after half an hour the two girls arrived at the cafe Jan looked at the Althea who was no longer flustered she decided to ask about earlier

" Althea, what happened earlier? " Jan asked

" nothing " her friend replied looking outside the window

" hmm, then let me ask something else did something Intimate happened between the two of you?" Jan asked in low voice making sure that no hear her

the look on her friend face was priceless now Jan is very sure that something happened

" did he kissed you because I know with your hot temper nothing more then that happened " Jan teased her friend further to see her face become red due to the embarrassment

" Jan stop it someone might hear you," Althea said as looked around them

" no I won't stop until you answer me," Jan said making Althea glare at her

" yes, are you satisfied now " Althea replied to see her friend get up from her seat and sit beside her

" yes what Althea? don't you hide anything from me, did he kissed you? " Jan asked wanting to now more details though she knows that she is being extremely shameless right now

Althea nodded her head shyly to hear her friend gasp she felt very uncomfortable talking about this but she knew why Jan was asking her

Jan thought that Althea will never be able to be open up to any man after what happened to her she still remember the day when Althea came to her she broken and scared it took more than three months to recover after leaving the hospital Althea had difficulty to react with the people around her she was scared of everything the only thing that made get through this was her mother

and after meeting that man she began to see very good changes in her

" dose he knows? " Jan asked referring to the accident

" yes " Althea replied

Jan sighed in relief when she heard that " and how do feel about it I mean when he touches you? " Jan asked again

Althea stayed silent for a few minutes before answering " I don't feel repulsive by his touch but I just can't be at ease at the same time I always remember that day " Althea looked down when she finched speaking she still have that feeling the feeling of being dirty

" I take it that he tried other things than kissing, you have been naughty lately all that happened and you didn't tell me, I'm very sad " Jan teased her friend again to try to lighten up the mood

" shut up," Althea said slapping Jan on her arm

Jan laughed at her friend face expressions Althea was always easy to tease
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" Alright I will stop, but what I can advise you as a doctor is don't think about too much you will know when you are ready so don't push your...mmmm" she was cut off by Althea who stuffed a piece of pastry in her mouth

" eat and stop talking "

Jan:- (๑´•.̫ • `๑)


by the time Althea went back it was starting to get dark she noticed that the numbers of the guards have increased

did something happen she wondered as she walked towards the entrance she began to feel scared suddenly

the guards opened doors for her which made her more confused

she saw Takuma sitting in the living room as if he was waiting for her

" good evening Althea " Takuma greeted her

" good evening, did something happen? " she asked unable to wait

" it's just precautions, it's nothing about it " Takuma replied

for some reason, Althea wasn't convinced with his words something was wrong

" did the lord went out? " Althea asked as she sat on the chair across to him

" yes, actually that's why I came here " Takuma paused observing the girl before him he could tell that she wasn't believing him

the blonde vampire runs his hand through his hair the Lord had warned him she is indeed very smart

" it's better to tell me the truth " he heard her say

" Alright, the thing is that the senate has been pressuring Kaname to meet you but he is refusing to do that because he doesn't want you to be involved with the senate committee," Takuma said knowing that he shouldn't

Althea was shocked after hearing this but she didn't understand what that meant " can you explain to me more? "

" The structure of our society is different even if Kaname is the king he can not marry a human female " Takuma explained

" and why is that? " she asked

Takuma fall silent after hearing her question he can not answer her because if she knew the answer it will hurt her

" because he was the one who statute that low am I right " she spoke answering her question

" yes, but Althea that was long ago so please don't misunderstand him " Takuma tried to explain

nodding her head she smiled gently as she spoke " it's alright I understand that he did that for a reason, but I can't stay still and watch as he in this situation because of me "

" you are not expecting me to take you to the senate do you, Althea? " Takuma asked thinking this girl is very crazy to think that she could enter the senate that easily

" that's exactly what I'm planning, can you take or should I go by myself," Althea said as she stood up already walking towards the door

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    《healing heart》