healing heart
122 Lion den part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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122 Lion den part two

Althea was hoping that she didn't take the wrong decision going to a place like this it would be like walking into the lion den but knowing that the lord is there it made her feel less nervous

she wondered if would see her father she never saw him in person only in a picture that her mother showed her how he will react when he sees her she was more than sure that he will try to kill her

sometimes she wonders how her life would be if he had loved her and her mother will they be a happy family but such dream will never come true

" Althea " she heard Takuma call her

" yes " she answered

" I need you to stay close to me once we get there don't talk with anyone " he instructed her feeling unsure that this was a right decision

nodding her head she turned around to look at the view outside the window she has never been on this side of the town it looked more different more civilized to be exact

the car suddenly stopped Infront of a very big building a feeling of fear and anxiety washed over her she felt her hands started to sweat and her heart beating very fast she suddenly doubted her decision

she felt a hand patting her head gently " don't worry I will not let something happen to you " Takuma spoke to her gently

" thank you," Althea said
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walking through the hallway of the senate she could hear her own heart beating like it was about to escape from her chest the place had a very scary aura she tried to not think about her fear or anything else

" lord Takuma are you heading to the meeting room? " a young man how looked about Althea age

" yes, and please inform them that there is a guest with me " Takuma ordered the young man

bowing respectfully the young man life to inform the senate members

" We are here Althea " Takuma spoke looking at the scared girl before him and he really can't blame her

" Althea you don't have to do this " Takuma spoke

" no, it's alright," Althea said smiling worriedly

Takuma stared at her for sometime before

opening the doors for the main meeting room

entering the room the first person Althea recognized was the lord is who was sitting on the head of the table while the rest of the members one the either sides

the lord was looked very angry as he stared at her he wasn't happy about it that she knew she felt very scared as everyone stared at her

" who is this young lady lord Takuma? " one of the old men asked

" There is no need, " the lord said as he stood up walking towards her grabbing her hand the Lord spoke to her softly despite his anger " let's go "

holding his hand tightly she looked up at him " it's okay " she whispered softly

the Lord looked into her eyes she was scared but she didn't want to back down at the same time she didn't want to use his place as the king to her favorite

not letting go of his hand Althea turned around facing the senate members " good evening I'm Althea Hanadagi the illegitimate daughter of the Hanadagi lord " Althea spoke introducing herself

" good evening Althea we have been waiting for you " one of the old senate members spoke

" let's go straight to the point " the man who spoke stood up and turned around looking at her

the looked very familiar to her he looked exactly like the man in pictures that her mother showed her, she was looking at her father right now a mixed feeling took over her but she tried to not let her feelings control her

" even if we ignore the low and you married the king of the vampire, the question is do you have what it takes to be a queen, a human-like you who know nothing about our society? " the Hanadagi lord asked not taking his eyes off her

looking at her she was more beautiful than her mother and he could tell that she was different too she looked more mature for her age, he didn't miss how the lord was looking at her as she was the most precious thing to him

" I may not know anything about the vampire society but I'm willing to learn not to become a queen but so I can understand him more " she paused looking at the lord nodded his head gently for her to continue

" this not a romantic novel little girl we have a law that govern us " the Hanadagi lord was cut off by Althea

" I think you are not speaking with the name of the senate right now Father " she emphasized the last word to see him clinch his fest in anger

" We apologize for lord Hanadagi behaviors we only wanted to meet you " one of the senate members spoke as he walked towards her and the lord

" Please don't take his words to heart he tends to be unpolluted sometimes, and if I may say you are very beautiful the lord is lucky to have a beautiful woman like you," the old said as kept looking at her making Althea a bit uncomfortable

" thank you, sir," Althea said forcing herself to smile

the lord hasn't said anything only watching though he wanted to rip off the Hanadagi heart for rising his voice on her he stopped himself when he felt her tighten her hold on his hand which forced him to comply to her wishes

he didn't want to be involved with these filthy men but he has to respect her decision

"We wanted to meet you for a long time now but the lord refused, we only wanted to get to our queen to be isn't that what you are after a human who will have to power on a vampire? " the old man spoke in a threatening tone

"you misunderstood me, sir, I'm seeking the title of queen nor I'm after any kind of power and if we got married I want a peaceful life that it's away from everything including the senate " Althea spoke trying to not lose her temper that man words made her very angry

" I'm sorry but... "

" that's enough " the lord spoke cutting the old man " I believe everyone one insulted her enough she had made herself clear she refusing to be a queen " the paused looking at the members


" from now on Althea has nothing to do with the senate is that understood? " the Lord asked and Althea saw his eyes turn to blood red color

" yes my lord " the members spoke in union

" let's go," the lord said before leaving the meeting room with her with everyone watching and unable to utter a word

Takuma stood there watching the senate members shocked faces they have thought that she was a weak girl but she provided them all wrong


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