healing heart
123 not having Enough!
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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123 not having Enough!

inside the car the atmosphere was very quiet the lord was holding her in his embrace as if she would disappear if he let her go, he didn't speak to her since the left the senate

come to think about it what she did today was very dangerous if the lord wasn't there, only God knows what they could have done to her today she saw the dark side of the vampire society the side that the lord didn't want her to see it but it was necessary for her to do that

upon reaching the mansion the lord didn't let go of her hand until the reached his room closing the door and locking it with the key he turned around looking at her Althea gulped seeing that look she but she didn't move an inch from her place she lowered her eyes looking at the ground not able to look into his eyes

he walked towards her and hugged her close to him " don't you ever do that again " she heard the lord whisper in her ear his arms holding her body tightly

a tear escaped her eyes when she heard him she was holding back her emotions trying to not be weak but with him around she wasn't afraid to show her weakness in front of him

" it's alright," the lord said pulling back wiping her tears " I will keep you safe no one will harm " the lord spoke kissing her tears

laying on the Althea rested her head on his chest while he was running his fingers through her soft hair his actions calmed her making her feel relaxed she almost fall asleep but remembered that wanted to ask him about something

" dose he has another family? " the Lord heard her say

" yes, a son he is older than you " the lord decided to not lie to her

when heard his words she felt happy and sad at the same time happy to know that she has a sapling and sad because he maybe doesn't want her like her father

understanding what was she was thinking about the lord started to explain to her " his name is Touma he left a long time ago before you even were born like you he couldn't tolerate his father actions so he decided to leave, do you want to meet him? " the Lord asked

lifting her head she looked at the lord with her blue like ocean eyes " I don't think it's a good idea " she replied

bringing her hand to his lips he kissed the back of it " you know I will do anything you want you just have to ask " the Lord said to see her hid her face in his chest

" could you stop speaking like that I'm not used to it " he heard her muffled voice

kissing the area behind her ear he whispered in her " like what "

knowing where this is going lead Althea didn't respond to his shameless questions but the lord has his ways to make her speak

sliding his hand under her skirt he started to do up until he reached to her private place

her eyes widened at his shameful acts she stopped his hand before he could go any further

" please stop we are not alone " she pleaded him trying to push his hand away

her heart skipped a beat when she saw him smirking devilishly " than you have to keep your voice low " the lord said before pushing one finger inside her private place

before she could control her voice a loud moan escape her rosy lips

" you are very sensitive Althea I don't think you will be able to control yourself let me help you " he captured her lips with his kissing her passionately

the lord did let her catch her breath after she reached the third climax he successfully managed to help her control her passionate cries, the young girl lay on the bed tiredly her lips were red and swollen from his rough kiss her body was covered in sweat due to the intense way that he handled her with
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" Should we go for another round " the lord side kissing her cheeks making his way towards her chest

" Please don't " Althea managed to say between her breaths

" That was your punishment for putting yourself in a dangerous situation today," the lord said as he picked her in his arms walking towards the bathroom

the next morning Althea woke up early but she didn't move from the bed she looked at the lord who was sleeping deeply beside her

she was thinking about the events of the last night so much has happened she met her father for the first time in person she saw how he looked at her it made her doubt that she was his daughter she imagined that maybe his heart will soften when he sees but instead she saw the hatred that he has for her

she lived for too long without a father she should be used to it but she couldn't help but feel sad when she saw him staring at her coldly

" good morning " she heard the lord voice

" good morning, did I wake you up," Althea asked having been thinking about her father she hasn't realized that he woke up

caressing her cheek lightly he looked in her beautiful blue eyes " are you sad? " he asked to see her lower her head

it surprised her how he can read her like an open book but sometimes it made it easier for her

" I shouldn't be sad but I just can't help it," she said feeling better already that she have someone to speak with

holding her body close to him he kissed the top of her head " seeing you sad like this it makes me want to rip his heart out " she heard him say

" don't, it will only make things more complicated, I don't care about him let do what he wants " she paused cupping his face " but I do care about you and I don't want to lose you," she said her voice almost a whisper

hearing her say that he felt very happy she has been less reserved lately

" thank you," the lord said pulling her close to Althea hid her face in his chest feeling embarrassed for saying these words

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    《healing heart》