healing heart
124 Understanding each other feelings without the need to say a word
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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124 Understanding each other feelings without the need to say a word

" good afternoon Takuma " Althea greeted the blonde vampire

" good evening to you Althea, how are you? " Takuma asked

taking a seat across of him " I think I'm fine nothing bad happened so everything is fine " Althea answered

seeing her smile Takuma was relieved he thought that seeing her father will affect her but it didn't this girl is truly brave
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" that's good to hear, " Takuma said

seeing that the Lord had come Althea excused herself and went to the kitchen

the two men went to the library to discuss the events of yesterday

" so what is your plan? now that it's been confirmed " Takuma asked the lord

looking outside the window the lord looked like he was thinking about something

" for now let's not do anything, " the lord said still looking outside the window

the blonde vampire frowned upon hearing this " you only going to watch from afar "

" of course not but what I'm thinking about is going to change everything " the lord paused turning around to look at his friend " for now every one of these senate members has his role to play, " the lord said

" and what about Althea? " Takuma asked

hearing her name a gentle look appeared in lord eyes " she is not part of all this I will keep far away from them and " the lord smiled as his eyes landed on the picture frame on the table of

" she is very pure and innocent I want her to be always like that I don't want her to step inside this dark world of the vampires " it was very rare to hear the king of the vampire speak with such affection about anyone but when it comes to Althea his entire aura change it's like she is the only light in his dark world

Althea was just done bathing when she heard a knock on the door she knew it was the lord she quickly dried herself and wear her cloth after that she went to open the door

" I'm sorry In the bathroom," Althea said as opened the door wider for the lord to enter

the frown when he saw her wet her already soaking her newly wear clothes

" don't let your hair without drying it after you take a bath, " the lord said as he dragged her to sit on the chair

" I heard the knock on the door so He forgot to dry it " she replied following the lord with her eyes she who took a new towel from the drawer as he walked towards her and went to stand behind the chair

he started to dry her long hair he was gentle as expected after finishing drying her he kissed the top of her head " thank you " Althea turned her head to look at the lord

she saw the lord kneel and Infront of her which made her look at him in confusion " Kaname " Althea said but the lord stopped her

" I need you to listen to me carefully " the lord said taking both of her hands in his " from now on you need to be very careful, the senate members are very dangerous people the will try everything to get to me that includes hurting you knowing what you mean to me, do you understand Althea? the lord asked his eyes not leaving hers

" I understand " Althea replied to feel the lord garb on her hand tightened

" Promise me that you won't do anything reckless Althea," the lord said

Althea understood the lord fears he scared that something might happen to her and she had to admit that she is a bit reckless sometimes

nodding her head she spoke " I promise "

the lord stood up on his feet and picked her up in his arms walling towards the bed he played her gently on it and climbed the bed beside her

pulling her in his arms how rested his chin atop of her head " let's lay down for a while I feel good when you are in my arms " the lord said as stroked her back gently

Althea smiled when she heard him say that she felt that these simple moments that they share it made her fall in love with him even more

lifting her head she stared at the lord without saying anything

" what's wrong," the Lord asked when he noticed that she was gazing at him

Althea shocked her head " nothing " but then she wanted to ask him something " can I ask you a quotation "

the lord turned his body around now he was lying on his said he his face was an inches away from hers anything he replied caressing her face lovingly

she hesitated for a while before asking " did you fall in love before? " she said feeling a little embarrassed for asking something like that


the lord continue to caressing her face lovingly as he answered " hmm well yes and no " the lord said making Althea raised her eyebrow at him

" well yes and that was a long time ago but it didn't love more like an obligation " his finger gently touched her rosy lips as he spoke they were very soft he fought the urge to kiss them

" but what I felt the first time I met you was very different it was like I'm being drawing into your eyes " the Lord spoke in a husky voice

Althea felt like as if her cheeks were on fire the lord was something that she never will get used to she regretted asking him that questions

" Althea breath my love your heart is beating like Hummingbird " he whispered as he brought his face close to hers

Althea gulped softly as she looked in his eyes she tried to breath slowly but that attempt failed when she felt his hand on her waist

" I just remembered that I have something to do, " Althea said trying to push his hand away

ignoring her words he started to kiss her neck making her shiver grabbing his shirt tightly she tried to not get carried away

she moaned when he started to suck on her neck " ka..."

Althea could only tremble his kiss deepened on the sensitive part of her neck

the lord lifted his head looking at her alluring expressions his eyes fall on her rosy lips that were slightly open he couldn't resist the desire to kiss them

" please stop its broad daylight and it's embarrassing," Althea said as looked at the other side

she was afraid that this teasing would turn to something serious if he went further

kissing her cheeks he touched her lips lightly " I apologize but you can not blame me, Althea, you are very beautiful " the lord paused kissing the sensitive skin behind her ear

" I read that when a vampire fall in love they only desire the blood of their loved ones, is that true? " the Lord heard her say

pulling back he placed his forehead on hers she saw him close eyes as he sighed

" yes " the lord replied his eyes still closed

lifting herself a little she asked " then why are holding yourself "

smiling at her the lord cupped her face " because my dear sometimes a blood offer doesn't always end in just taking your blood if I were to take your blood am afraid that I will lose my control and I'm afraid that I will do something that I might regret "

lowering her head Althea fall silent she lay down resting her head on his chest the lord wrapped his arms around her body the both of them fall silent understanding each other feelings without the need to say a word

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    《healing heart》