healing heart
125 A beautiful suprise
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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125 A beautiful suprise

today is Althea mother birthday she is planning to do a small party for her last year they couldn't celebrate it due to her mother sudden sickness

both Jan and Althea were busy preparing everything Jan was putting the decoration while Althea was putting the last touches to the birthday cake the tried to be quiet about as much as possible so they don't ruin the surprise

" good evening aunty Chou " Jan welcomed the old lady

" oh my dear it's been a while since I last saw, " the old lady said as she hugged her

" I missed you too," Jan said as she hugged her back

" is your mother here? " the old lady asked

" yes, aunty Chou go to the kitchen before you go inside Althea is having her anxiety moments," Jan said to the old lady

the old lady nodded and went to the kitchen

" good evening Althea," lady Chou said as she entered the kitchen she could see the different kinds of dishes that she made placed on the table

" good evening you finally came, tell me what do think? " Althea asked dragging the old lady towards the table

" everything looks good," the old said patting her head " she loves everything that you do for her so stop worrying " the old lady pulled her in her arms

Althea sighed in relief it was always good to talk to lady Chou she always knows how to make her feel at ease

" go and take a bath I will do the rest, " the old lady said guiding Althea outside the kitchen nodding her head Althea went to her room

" Everything is ready," Jan told Althea as she was lighting the candles

" then I will go and bring my mother. make sure to turn off the lights " Althea said going towards her mother room

opening the door she found her sitting on the bed looking outside the open window she walked slowly towards her she sat beside her on the bed

" I know what you were doing from the early morning," her mother said not looking at her

kissing the top of her head Althea took her hand in hers " then why don't we come out to greet our guests " Althea said

her mother fall silent and continued looking outside the window Althea waited for her patiently the sat there for a while both of them not talking just sitting beside as Althea didn't let go of her hand

" do you want to go out now? " Althea asked as she was combing her mother hair she Inherited her mother beautiful soft hair combing the soft locks she runs her fingers through it

after she was done braiding her mother she helped her sit on the wheelchair before going out of the room Althea kneeled fixing her mother dress " close your eyes " Althea said before pushing the wheelchair out of the room

" SURPRISE " everyone shouted and the light's turned on as Althea brought her towards the living room

her mother turned around to look at her Althea could see that there were tears in her eyes " happy birthday mother " Althea said kissing her forehead

her mother wanted to say something but she started to cry as she hugged her " you going to make me cry too mother " Althea said whipping her mother tears

" don't ruin the party aunty come let's blow the candles off and cut the cake Althea made a very delicious food too, " Jan said as she pushed the wheelchair towards the table separating the mother and daughter pair before they get more emotional

" you are a good girl Althea " she heard the old lady say as came to sit beside her

" I hope I can always make her happy " Althea said looking at her mother who was smiling happily as was talking with Jan

it was a good night everyone enjoyed their time and Althea was very happy that her mother is finely talking to her again now the only thing is left to ask for that nothing bad will never happen to them again
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    《healing heart》