healing heart
126 Incase you deicede to be naughty
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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126 Incase you deicede to be naughty

after her mother went to sleep Althea sighed in relief stroking her mother hair she smiled as she looked at her she was glad that everything went well and her mother had a great time

looking at the time Althea remembered that she left Jan cleaning alone closing the door behind her she went to check on her

" Did she slept? " Jan asked when she saw Althea coming out of the room

" yes, let me help you," Althea said as picked the washed plate to dry it

" No, let us do the rest tomorrow " Jan took the plate from her and dragged her towards her room

the two girls lay down beside each other ready to sleep but when Althea was about to fall asleep she heard Jan speak

" Althea "

" hmmm " the poor girl was just about to sleep she wanted to strangle her to death

" did you happened between the two of you," Jan asked

" what do you mean? " the sudden question made Althea confused

" go look " Jan pointed towards the mirror

Althea got off the bed and went to look in the mirror her eyes widened when she saw the kisses marks on her chest just above her bosom

" do you understand now Althea, " Jan said as she walked towards her flustered friend wanting to tease her more " so when did it happen was h..."

" stop it Jan nothing happened it's not like what you are thinking " Jan laughed when she saw how Althea was blushing and looking down

" Why are you so flustered about it it's normal for something like this I mean look in the mirror Althea any man would want to have a romantic night with " Jan was rewarded with a pillow in her face

" Alright I'm sorry " Jan hugged her but Althea pushed her and covered her face with the sheet

" I said I'm sorry, listen I have something for I been planning to give it to you, " Jan said as she opened her bag taking tablet pills from it handing it to Althea

" What is this " Althea asked looking at and then looking at Jan

" it's contraception pills In case you decided to be naughty " Jan answered before running out of the room

" Jan I will kill you " Althea run after her

the next day Althea went back early as she promised to the mansion the lord told if she didn't want back early he will personally come and take her and that she didn't want it to happen

opening the door to the bedroom she found him still asleep she sighed happily knowing that she made it on time she closed the door and went to her room she wanted to sleep for a while because she didn't have a good sleep thanks to Jan and her wired conversations

she took off her shoes and climbed the bed it takes her a long time to fall asleep she quickly dozed off

the first thing the lord sensed when he opened his eyes is his dear girl presence she came back early that's unusual obedience from her she unusually disobeys him, getting off the bed the lord went to the bathroom to take his morning bath

after taking his bath the lord wondered were his precious girl is after getting dressed he went to look for her in her room

the lord saw the door to her room open going inside he was welcomed by the most beautiful sight Althea was sleeping deeply oblivious to her surroundings she looked like an angel with her long hair spread along the pillow the dress that she was wearing came up exposing the milky skin of her thighs the sight of her sleeping like this made him almost lose his control
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he closed his eyes trying to restrain his dark desire to have her she

he opened his eyes he walked towards where she was sleeping sitting on the edge of the bed from the way she was sleeping he could tell that she was tired his eyes softened as he looked at her his hand reached out and started to caress her face gently

her eyes fluttered open when she felt a warm hand on her skin


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