healing heart
127 I missed you,
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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127 I missed you,

" did you slept well? " the Lord asked

the feeling of his hand on her skin made her districted " yes " Althea replied
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she saw the lord looking at her neck she knew that he wanted her blood it's been a long time that he took her blood things like this makes her remember the difference between them that he is a vampire a pureblood and she is a human

bringing her hand to his lips he kissed her palm making her giggle as she felt a tickling sensation

" How did it go? " he asked as he entwined there hands together

" It was good she said that she went me to visit her more but I felt like " Althea paused not knowing how to say it

though she wasn't sure but she felt like her mother knows about her relationship with the lord but she couldn't say that to him he didn't like that she was hiding the truth from her mother

hovering above her the lord kissed her lips lightly " that she knows something " he continued her words for her

Althea looked away shyly he was too close for her comfort zone " yes " she said softly

" you know that I will do anything you want but things can not be hidden for every " he spoke brushing his finger gently on her lower lip

she nodded her head in approval she knew that he was right but still her mother will not expect their relationship

" silly don't think about it too much I will be with if anything happens, " the lord said kissing her cheek

Althea smiled hearing his words she felt less scared when she is with him, he brings a sense of relief and comfort just being around him

" I missed you, " the lord said before capturing her soft lips with him

the kiss was gentle it was like he was showing his emotions through it he licked her lips asking for permission to enter and she did once she did his tongue entered her mouth exploring the sweetness that he craved

she grabbed the sheets underneath her trying to control her moans but who said that the lord was only planning to kiss she gasped when she felt his hand unzipping her dress from the side

getting up the lord helped her sit on the bed Althea was still dizzy from the intense kiss

pulling her towards him he stressed to kiss her cheeks making his way towards her neck she could only moan as she grabbed onto his shirt tightly

" lift your hands " she heard the lord say

" huh " she didn't understand what he meant by his words she couldn't concentrate with his lips on her skin and his hands all over her body

pulling back the lord looked at her dizzied expression " I went to take off this dress though it looks cute on you " his sudden words made her blush forcefully her grab on his shirt tightened as she gulped softly

what should I do she thought to herself but as Jan asked her yesterday for how long she is going to be shy but still she couldn't help it whenever he does things like this she becomes nervous and anxious

she lifted her head looking in the lord eyes as if she is asking him what she should do he smiled at her and gently kissed her forehead to ease her worries

he guided her hands up and in one swift he took off her dress now she only had her white undergarment covering her private places leaving the uncovered skin for his eyes to look

Althea was very shy and nervous right now she could hear her heartbeat in her ears her hands started to shake

" relax Althea," the lord said in a gentle voice as he pushed her down to lay on the bed

the lord focused on looking in her eyes to not make her scared but she was very nervous and wasn't looking at him

" Althea " the lord called brushing the hair that was covering her eyes

she didn't speak but she looked up meeting his eyes " you have beautiful eyes Althea " she heard him say and she blushed even more

the lord's eyes traveled down gazing at her body she was beautiful everywhere he looked " let me show you what being in love means " he whispered in a husky voice before he kissed gently slowly making her close her and lose herself in his sinful lips...


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