healing heart
128 From the first time I met you
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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128 From the first time I met you

he kissed her with a passion that she unable to refuse she could only surrender herself letting do as he wished

he pulled back watching her facial expressions her face was extremely red her rosy lips were swollen due to the intense kiss her chest rise and fall as tried to catch her breath she was beautiful like an angel fall from heaven

" I went you Althea " he whispered his eyes never leaving hers

hearing this her heart skipped a beat she lowered her eyes looking at the white shirt that he was wearing she was scared nervous anxious she felt like she couldn't breathe she tried to control herself afraid that she might have a panic attack

" I'm scared I just can't get past the fear I tried but I couldn't," Althea said tears rolled out of her eyes landing on the pillows beneath her
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his heart ached when he saw her suffer like this hee tears were like knives stabbing his heart repeatedly

kissing her tears away he spoke " do you trust me? " he asked

she looked at him with her teary eyes and nodded her head

the lord heart softened when he saw her nodded her head despite the fear that he could see in her eyes " then you should know that I will never hurt " the lord paused wiping her tears " you are the most precious thing in the world for me Althea, I will make this night unforgettable to you "

Althea was confused with the lord words she wanted to ask him what he meant but he spoke before her

" Now go and prepare yourself, " the lord said running his hand through her long hair

" where are we going " she grabbed the sheets to cover her body it was embarrassing that she was almost necked Infront of him

" now that is surprise my dear " the lord whispered in her ear before he got up and left the room leaving behind a very confused and flustered Althea

remembering his words she clinched the sheets close to her chest he said that he will make it an unforgettable night she felt very shy thinking about what he meant but he didn't say where they were going she wondered what he is planning

after taking a bath she walked out of the bathroom going towards the drawer she took a new towel to dry her hair when she turned around she saw a black dress was placed on the bed walking towards it she looked at the dress while still drying her hair there was a note placed above the dress she picked it up to read what's written on it

" meat me at the garden at eight " Althea looked at the time it was still early she had an hour left but did he want her to meet him there thinking about all of this made her feel nervous

looking at herself one last time at the mirror Althea sighed right now she wished that Jan was with her to tell what she should do but she was sure that she scolds her for hesitating to go out of the room, Althea took a deep breath before going out of her room

before she goes downstairs Althea looked from above to see if she could find him but the lord was nowhere to be found biting her lips she suddenly wanted to go back to her room and tell him

tell him? what she could say she can't say that she is god her mind was a mass she needed someone to speak with

" I knew that I will find you here," the lord said


Althea turned around startled by his voice didn't look around and no one was there, she watched as walked towards her

" you look beautiful," the lord said taking her hands in his " come," the lord said as they started to go downstairs

when they reached the garden it was almost dark only the moonlight that was coming from the sky was illuminating the way Althea looked at the lord who was holding her hand tightly as they walked

suddenly the whole garden was lighted the brightness made it hard for her to see clearly at first but after a few seconds she could see the beautiful sight that was Infront of her

Althea looked at the lord her lips slightly open she looked back at the garden she couldn't hold her smile " it's beautiful " Althea said smiling

" come " the lord guided her towards the already set table pulling the chair for her she sat down and watched the lord as sat across of her

Althea looked at the lord who was Infront of her she smiled softly as she gazed at him he looked charming that she couldn't take her eyes off him

" When did you prepare all of this? " she asked looking around her then back at him

" did you like it, " the lord asked her back it this was his way when he didn't want to answer her questions

she nodded her head smiling shyly she felt happy excited and nervous at the same time she didn't know that being in love could bring such mixed emotions

after the dinner, the lord took Althea for a walk around the garden this time Interacted with the lord they spoke and even laughed with the time the lord noticed that Althea is rarely laughing so to see her laughing it was a moment that he will treasure

as she was walking she noticed that the lord stopped walking her eyes widened when she saw the lord kneel before her

taking a small black box from his pocket " Althea from the first time I met you I stop thanking about everything about got my attention the way you speak the way you smile and before I knew it you took my heart and soul, so I'm asking you to not refuse this time and marry me "

Althea stood there shocked she didn't know if her imagination was playing tricks on her is he proposing to her Althea could feel that was about to faint as her heart bested very fast


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