healing heart
129 Unforgettable night part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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129 Unforgettable night part one

she stood there looking at the man who was kneeling on his knees waiting for her answer what will happen if she said yes what she should say to her mother and how she will explain it but she loves him and he did nothing but taking care of her he is the only she can trust him with her life and if she refused now she has to leave him and at this point this something that she no longer can do she nervously pushed her hair behind her ear

" yes," she said with a weak voice but the lord was able to hear it

standing on his own feet he took her left putting the blue diamond ring on her finger he brought her hand to his lips kissing it " thank you " he whispered kissing her hand again

it was very sudden and surprising for her having that ring on her finger that means that she is engaged to him now

" It makes happy that you said yes, to be honest, I was afraid that you would reject me " she heard the lord say

Althea who was happy scared and nervous at the same time she lifted her head looking at the lord who was looking at her smiling gently at her " are you nervous? " the Lord asked pulling her towards him by the waist

she hid her face in his chest as she nodded her head she felt him hold her tightly the scent that was emanating from him made her feel safe being in his arms it felt like the safest place

" do want to go inside? " the Lord asked when he noticed that she was shivering

Althea nodded her head and felt the lord lift her body fearing that she would fall she wrapped her hands around his neck she hid her face in his neck embarrassed by the way hey was carrying her

after reaching to his room he placed her on the bed gently he went back to close the door the sound of the door being locked with a key made her heartbeat like it was about to escape from her chest

she was startled when she felt the lord hand on the side of her face " look at me Althea " the lord said as undid the tie on her hair

her long beautiful hair fall like a waterfall pushing the hair that was covering her face away he lifted her face to look at her her face was very red " are you not going to look at me " he said as he looked at her blushful face
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she nodded her no refusing to look at him she felt very shy to look into his eyes right now knowing what is going to happen

the lord laughed at her shy behavior she looked more alluring with her blushing face he wanted to have her right there and make her beginning for mercy but he can't do that

Althea is very important to him and very fragile she needs time and patience and that he had he will wait for eternally for her to be ready

taking her hand in his the lord spoke " at least let me hear your voice " he touched the ring that was on her finger as he spoke

but nothing came out of her lips either she wanted to say something but it's like her brain stopped working every time she thinks about the lord words from earlier she feels very nervous

" I need to use the bathroom," Althea said as she almost runs towards the bathroom

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    《healing heart》