healing heart
130 Unforgettable night part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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130 Unforgettable night part two

Warning mature contact


chuckling to himself the lord unbuttoned the first three button's of his shirt the young girl behavior was doing nothing but making him want her more he knew that no matter how long she stayed eventually she comes out

inside the bathroom the young girl was walking back and forth she was so scared and nervous she was sure that if she didn't escape at the right time she would be...

" God what should I do " Althea covered her face with her hands she sat on the edge of the bathtub looking down at her hand she touched the surface of the ring

it was hard to believe what happened she suddenly was engaged to the vampire's king that means that they are bound to get married she felt her head hurt thinking about all of this it was hard to digest all of this

she looked at the closed door she stood up and tiptoe and placed her ear on the door she couldn't hear anything

" it's very quiet " Althea mumbled to herself

suddenly she heard a knock on the door making her panic she covered her mouth to not let any sound she stepped away from the door placing her hand on her chest to calm her beating heart

" Althea are you alright? " she heard the loud voice from the other side of the door

Althea:- (;ŏ﹏ŏ)

hearing no response the wanted to open the door but he stopped thinking that he should give her more time to be alone after a few minutes the door was opened and Althea walked out of the bathroom with her head down the lord who was standing not far walked close to her

" Althea what's wrong? " the Lord asked lifting her head gently to look at her

" I... it's... I'm.... " she kept on stuttering not able to form a sentences

the lord smiled gently at her before he kissed her forehead head gently

" it's alright Althea," the lord said as he lifted her in his arms walking towards the bed he laying her gently on the middle he climbed atop of her " are you scared? " he asked as he entwined their hand's together pleasing a kiss on her cheek

she nodded her and looked up at him " of me? " she hard the lord says and she shocked her head no " I don't know what I'm scared of " she said her voice was very soft as she spoke

running his hand through her hair he spoke digest her lips " relax Althea " and that was the last thing she heard as he captured her lips kissing her making her his making her forgot all her fears and surrender herself to him

she gasped when she felt his tongue slip inside her mouth seeking hers she moans when she felt his hand on her bosom massaging it gently from above the fabric she could feel her body heat rise as the kisses become rougher he sucked and bit her drawing sensual moans of her rosy lips

he pulled back to look at her her eyes were closed her lips were slightly parted her chest rise and fall as she tried to catch her breath

when Althea opened her eyes she blushed when she found the lord staring at her she could see the desire in his eyes this time she couldn't look away as he had her captured under his spell

" I want you Althea but I have no wish to force you into something that you don't want " he paused looking at her blue like ocean eyes they held a look of innocence that made him want to stop all his actions and at the same time he wanted to tear her dress and thrust himself through her innocents
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but he can't do that she is too fragile and too precious to him " do you want me? " he asked still looking in her eyes

she blushed forcefully hearing his question lowering her eyes she didn't know how she supposed to answer such question the truth is she wanted her body wanted her soul wanted but still it was too embarrassing to say something like this out loud tightened her hold on their already joined hands she nodded her head

the last barrier of his restraint has broken off lifting her gently he pushed her hair to the side as his other hand unzipped her dress he took it off " don't be shy Althea " the lord said as held her hands that were about to cover her body and wrapped them around his neck slowly not scare her he laid her down

she gulped softly when she felt the fabric of his clothing on her skin Althea was still processing what is happening when she felt him suck on her ear lobe making her gasp he placed an open mouth kisses until he reached her chest going back up he captured her lips were in a very passionate kiss

pulling back he didn't give her the time to catch her breath as he took the pink bud between her his lips sucking it roughly her back arched of the bed as a strong wave of pleasure took over her mind taking the other bud on his lips his hand went further down to her private places slipping his hand underneath the black undergarment he gently begins to rub her sensitive bud he could feel that she started to get aroused still not ready

her hands garbed tightly on the sheets underneath her as his fingers quickened its movement and his mouth sucked harder on her pink bud her moans filled the room adding an erotic atmosphere

" good girl Althea now come " he whispered in her ear as his movements become rougher

the young girl orgasmed intensely to the that it was hard for her to catch her breath still lost on her world of pleasure she felt him removing her undergarment

" Ah " she moaned loudly when she felt his hot breath on her sensitive bud sucked on at Althea who was still sensitive she orgasmed quickly this time

the lord who has been suppressing his desire he could not hold it any longer her passionate moans were almost enough to send him the edge parting her legs he positioned himself between her legs but he didn't enter her yet

still dizzied Althea panicked when she felt his member poking her lower body her body tensed she opened her eyes and found the lord staring at her gently " you need to relax it will hurt more if your body is tense " he whispered against her lips before he kissed her forehead

" hold on to me," he said as he pushed himself inside of her

tears rolled down from her eyes the pain was very strong she felt that her body was about to split in two she tried to endure it but the lord size was very large she couldn't endure it anymore she grabbed on his back tightly as she cried silently

" Shhh it's alright relax Althea " he spoke as he kissed her tears

" It hurts, " Althea said between her silent cries

his heart ached to see her in suffer from the pain but he knew that the pain will last for a while before it disappears " I know it will only hurt this time " he spoke in a gentle tone and Althea nodded her head

he started to move slowly giving her the time to adjust to his size it hurt her at first but then the pain disappeared and it was replaced with the building pleasure

that night the lord made love to her countless times it was almost dawn when the lord finally let himself go as he came inside of her

Althea who lost her consciousness from the exhaustion she didn't know that the lord could last for this long she did underestimate his stamina it scared to think about the future


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