healing heart
131 Peaceful day
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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131 Peaceful day

holding her body close to him the lord kept on running his fingers through her soft hair the young girl was fast asleep unlike the lord who was wide awake watching her as she slept her resting on his chest her warm breath touching his skin every time she breathed in and out evenly her small hand was unconsciously on his bare chest she was unknowingly making him hard again wanting to thrust himself into her drawing out a cries of ecstasy from her rosy lips

placing his chin on the top of her head he too dozed off with his precious girl sleeping soundly in his arms

she subconsciously snuggled closer to the warmth beside her but when she felt that her hand was touching she something hard her eyes fluttered open she blushed forcefully when she saw that she was touching the lord bare chest he was still undressed she looked up at the lord who had a gentle smile on his face as looked at her

" good morning, " the lord said kissing her forehead gently caressing her face

Althea wanted to reply but her throat was very dry remembering the reason behind she lowered her head down she felt very embarrassed last due to the lord passionate lovemaking she moaned and screamed calling his name unstoppable, at first he was very gentle with but then he couldn't stop himself anymore the lord but seeing her now unable to speak he felt guilty

" here " he helped her to sit up and poured a glass of water and helped her to drink it

drinking the whole cup she felt a little better " thank you " she said her voice was a little weak

she noticed that she was wearing a warm nightgown and if she recalled correctly she wasn't wearing anything when she lost her conscious she was more embarrassed now knowing that the Lord helped her to wear her clothes

" how do you feel? " the Lord asked combing her soft hair with his fingers

" a bit tired " she gulped softly after she answered the truth is every inch of her body was sore

pulling her to him he kissed the back of her hand " you still shy even after what happened " the lord said lifting her face gently to look at her " you do understand what happened means " he spoke tugging a lock of hair behind her ear

she nodded her head shyly as she played with her fingers nervously she heard the lord chuckle ' then why are you still shy? " he asked to see her cheeks blush even more

kissing the corner of her lips Althea saw the lord get off the bed heading towards the bathroom he was wearing a black trousers while the upper part of his body was exposed for her eyes to look it was only last that she had a good look at the lord body he had a well-defined muscles body she felt her face heat rise at the memories of last

she heard the water running inside the bathroom for sometime before he came out of the bathroom she looked down at her fingers when she saw him coming towards her

" The bathroom is ready," the lord said as he picked her up not giving her any choose to refuse

helping her to take of her clothes he placed her inside the large tub before he joined her now Althea was sitting with her back against the lord broad chest placing his hands on her naked waist he started to massage it gently " does it hurt? " he asked in a concerned tone which made her heart skip a beat

" yes " she replied softly as she started to relax as he massaged her aching waist

" I'm sorry I should have been more gentle " she could hear the guilt in his voice

turning around she placed her hands on his chest as she spoke " it's alright I will be fine in a few days " she said but still not looking in his eyes

the lord smiled when he heard what she said " then why you still not looking at me " he asked

she smiled shyly at his question " embarrassed " she could only manage to say this much

the lord laughing echoed through the bathroom

" stop laughing " she hit his chest lightly which went unfelt by the lord

cupping her face with both of his hands he placed a light kiss on her lips before placing his forehead on hers " thank you " the Lord spoke his warm breath touching her face

blinking her eyes Althea looked at him not understanding why he was thanking her " for what? " she asked to see him smile at her gently which made her heart almost melt

" for everything for making me happy," he whispered against her lips

she didn't know how to respond to these romantic words he left her swept off her feet she felt a kind of happiness she never felt before
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after a hot season of kissing did the lord let her go after the bathroom Althea went to the kitchen to prepare a meal for the both of them but then she received the most shocking surprise if her life the lord offered to help her to prepare meal but Althea didn't refuse she accepted the offer wanting to know how he will help her but it turned out that not bed especially in cutting the tomatoes

" I'm sorry but it's hard to believe that someone as you " she couldn't finish her words as she couldn't stop laughing

" I'm glad that I amuse you " she heard the lord say

clearing her throat after what the lord she felt that she is being unpolite towards him he only offered to help her and here she is laughing at him

" I'm sorry," Althea said as she fed him a slice of the already cut tomatoes

the both of them ate their food as they exchanged a small conversation it was a peaceful day Althea thought she wished that she can have more days like this


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