healing heart
132 Far away part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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132 Far away part one

after the dinner, Althea went upstairs to look for the lord he wasn't in his bedroom so she went to the library upon hearing her footsteps he looked up and closed the book that he was reading

" come," the lord said giving his hand for her to take

walking closer to him she took his hand as he guided her to sit on his lap " I want to ask a favor from you " the Lord heard her say

" anything," the lord said giving her complete attention

taking a deep breath she started to speak " I want to ask you to not tell anyone one about the engagement at least until I can find a way to tell my mother she is sick and I fear that if she knew about this something might happen to her I know I'm being selfish and I'm very sorry for that " she nervously was tagging at the end of her blouse almost tearing it

removing her hand the lord spoke " you tend to speak very fast when you are nervous " he paused watching her face she looked very troubled " you don't have to worry about that " she sighed in relief when she heard his words

" thank you," Althea said kissing him in his cheek

the lord looked at her smiling devilishly which made her look at him confused

fearing of what might happen if she stayed any longer she excused herself and left quickly


in a blink of an eye a week past and Althea still processing the fact that she is the lord fiancee two years back when she started to work in the mansion as his maid no one have thought that things would turn out that way but things are still complicated for them she has to find a way to tell her mother it is the hardest part to do
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" lady Althea " one of the guards knocked on her bedroom door though she had told them many times to not address her " lady " the kept on obeying their lord orders

opening the door the lord stepped forward as he bowed down " there are some guests went to enter the mansion " the guard informed her

the lord had ordered them to not let anyone enter the mansion unless he is there

" did you told them that lord isn't here," Althea asked

" I did my lady but they refused to leave and insisted on waiting for him inside," the guard said

Althea frowned after hearing this the lord is at the senate they must have known that she was hesitating on what she should do she seemed to have thought of something as she looked at the guard " can you send someone to inform the lord? " she asked

" yes my lady " he answered

" then let them in " the guard bowed and went to do as he has been told

looking from above Althea saw that they were three men if she remembers correctly one of them was a senate member if they were from the senate then what are they doing here she had a bad feeling about this

after half an hour the guard informed her that the lord is traveling to the near village and he won't be back until tomorrow morning

not having any other choice she went downstairs to tell them personally that the lord is not

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    《healing heart》