healing heart
133 Far away part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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133 Far away part two

" good evening " Althea greeted the senate members in a very polite tone

* good evening Althea " the old senate was the first to greet her back

it was the same man from that but she didn't recognize the other two and the way he said her name it made her feel sick

" I'm here to inform you that lord is traveling to the near village and he won't be back until tomorrow morning " Althea spoke as she looked at the three men who were Infront of her she had a very bad feeling about these men that's why she asked the guard's to stay close in case anything happens

the three-man looked at each other and then at her as they doubting her words Althea gulped softly trying to not show any emotions

" in that case why don't you sat with us so we can have a small chat with you after all aren't you going to be the lord wife " the old spoke with a tone which made Althea uncomfortable now she was more than sure that the already knew that the lord wasn't here before they came

Althea took the opposite chair to them she was glad that she wasn't wearing anything revealing because that old man stare made feel disgusted

" your name is Althea right? " another senate man asked he appeared to be the youngest between them.

" yes " she replied to see the man smile at her

" it's a beautiful name," the man said

" if you don't mind can you get to the point because I don't think you came here to ask me about my name " her patience was running thin

" my you sure have short temper as they said " the old man spoke as he looked at her in a way that made her almost lose her temper completely

" so I'm right you did come here knowing that the lord isn't here, why did you come? " the had wormed warrened her about them so she decided to not let them think that she some fool girl that they can manipulate

the old man check chuckled in amusement the information that they had about her was correct she is not easy to fool

" you don't need to be so agitated we truly mean no harm," the old man said smiling at her

Althea looked at them but she didn't reply to his words she knew that this talk is going now where

" I'm sorry but I need to ask to leave, " Althea said as she stood up

the senate members looked at each other frowning " are you kicking us out? " the young member spoke she noticed that he angry

" Think what you like " Althea spoke in a firm tone not willing to back down

" you b** you dare to speak with us like this " the young man was very angry he looked like he was about to hit her

Althea was about to reply when she heard a familiar voice " you should behave yourself while you talking to her but I will make sure to behave you myself " the loud voice echoed through the room

" lord Kaname " the senate members didn't expect that the Lord would come back early from his trip

ignoring them the lord walked towards Althea followed by Takuma and

" go to your room I will follow you shortly ' the lord spoke in gentle tone nodding her head she turned around and left
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" get out now I will deal with you tomorrow you have dared to call her with such word and I will make sure you see hall while you still leaving " the lord spoke coldly to them before he went upstairs following Althea

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    《healing heart》