healing heart
134 Worried
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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134 Worried

Althea sat on the bed waiting for the lord she was very shocked to see him but relieved at the same time he looked extremely angry and that confirms her suspicions but why did they want by coming here the lord must have known about it but she doubts that the lord will tell her

she turned around when she heard the door being opened the lord walked in and closed the door behind him she saw him take off his coat throwing it on the sofa before he came to sit beside her she thought that he must be angry at her she wanted to apologize to him but he spoke first

" did they do something to " the Lord spoke in a very gentle tone

shocking her head Althea said " you came at the right time " she saw the lord smile softly at her

" I should have been more careful," the lord said taking both of her hands kissing the back of it

" I'm sorry I keep causing troubles," Althea said as she lowered her head

" silly girl don't say that again," the lord said as he kissed her head " now you go to bed first I have something I need to discuss with Takuma, " the lord said before he left the room heading towards the library

Althea sighed tiredly she could feel that something bad is going to happen the senate members are planning to something and she had a feeling that her father is involved she has a feeling that everything happens to her he involved in it she couldn't understand why he has that much hatred towards her

all that she wants is a peaceful life but life seems to not let her have this simple wish
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after taking a bath Althea tried to sleep but she couldn't, looking at the time she noticed that it was almost two hours since the lord left she wondered if his discussion with Takuma is related to what happened today

not being able to fall asleep she took the book that she started to read it in the morning and started to read it while she was waiting for the lord

after about an hour later the lord entered the room and saw Althea sitting on the bed holding a book in her hands reading it with focus her long hair was let down it was a sight that it brought a warm feeling to his troubled mind

" Why aren't you asleep yet? the Lord asked as he walked towards the bed

closing the book she placed it on the nightstand " I was waiting for you, did something happen? " she said looking at the lord he seemed very tired

" it's nothing serious so don't worry, " the lord said she knew that he wasn't telling her the truth but she nodded her anyway

" do you want to a bath? " Althea asked

rising an elegant eyebrow the lord gave her a smile that made her heart skip a beat " why? are you planning on bathing with me? " she heard him say she looked trying to hide her red face

she heard him chuckle before he stood up heading towards the bathroom she sighed in relief when she heard the bathroom room door closed she pulled the sheets and covered herself to sleep

when the lord came out of the bathroom he found her asleep climbing the bed next to her he noticed that she was clenching the sheets tightly with her hand and her eyebrows wrinkled slowly to not wake her up he loosened her grip on the sheets Althea only sleep like this when she is worried about something he massaged the space between her eyebrows to see her relax

" I will protect you " the lord whispered in her ear which went unheard by her he kissed her forehead gently and pulled her body closer to him



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