healing heart
135 Worried part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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135 Worried part two

sitting on the bed quietly Althea continued to watch the lord as he slept she had been looking at him for a while now she woke up early to find him still asleep he looked handsome even in his sleep, to think that this man is in love with her and she is engaged to him it brought a wave of mixed feelings that made her heart beat fast every time she thought about it

looking at his disheveled black hair she had the urge to run her fingers through it but she held back her desire it would be very embarrassing if woke up and found her doing this and he will start to tease her about it, her eyes fall on his long eyelashes they were dark in colour like his hair she noticed that most of the vampires she saw had a different eyes colour but no one has the same colour as the lord

when she first met him she was very surprised by how the colour of his eyes was very deep at a first look it would appear that it's like blood-red colour but it's more like a garnet in colour she remembered the first time she looked in his eyes and how she couldn't look away he could make any women fall for him just by looking at him which it always made her wonder why he chose her

" good morning " came the lord husky voice Althea who was lost in her thoughts she failed to notice the lord had woke up

" good morning " she replied and was pulled in the lord arms in the same second now she is lying on the lord necked upper body her hand unconsciously fall on his bare chest she blushed forcefully as she took off her hand

kissing the corner of her lips he asked " what you were thinking about? "

" my mother " she lied she couldn't possibly say what she was thinking

he pushed away from the hair that falls on her eyes " you can visit her in time you want " the Lord spoke as she felt his hand on her waist " do you want to go tomorrow? " the Lord asked

" yes " she replied softly as she looked in his eyes

" don't look at me like this Althea it will only make me lose my control " the lord whispered in her ear

" do you want? " she didn't finish the question feeling to shy to say it

" do you know who dangerous your offer is, " the lord said as he started to unbutton her dress " it could lead to something that you won't be able to handle " he paused pushing the front of her dress open revelling the milky skin that was covered underneath her clothes

" though I would like to hear your voice as I drew cries of a passion of those sinful lips " the lord spoke against her neck before he started to kiss her throbbing point
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she held on sheets beneath her in attempt to not let any voice escape her lips suddenly she felt the lord fangs piercing her neck it was painful yet somehow pleasurable she could hear him as drink her blood as he sensed her fear the lord entwined their hand's together as he was telling her to not be scared

after a few minutes, the Lord withdrew his fangs from her neck and licked the newly opened wounds to see them heal like it never been touched

Althea looked at the lord with her half-closed eyes she felt tired and dizzy she heard the lord say something but she couldn't hear as she lost her consciousness


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