healing heart
136 Still have feelings
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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136 Still have feelings

after the car arrived at her house Althea looked outside the window then back at the lord she wanted to see her mother but she didn't want him to leave her she had a feeling that something bad is going to happen

" Why are you crying, " the Lord asked as he wiped her tears with his thumb

instead of answering she buried her face in his chest and cried more the lord heartache seeing her like this

" what's wrong Althea," the lord asked kissing the top of her head

" I don't know " her voice came out muffled

" look at me," the lord said and when she did he saw her red face and eyes due to the crying " I can come and visit you every night, " the lord said as he pulled out a handkerchief of his coat wiping her face " now look at you " the Lord spoke as he wiped her face

Althea didn't say a word she only kept staring at him as if he would disappear if she looked away

" tell me why are you scared? " the Lord spoke in a gentle voice

" will you come every night? " the lord smiled gently when he heard her he expected a very different answer

kissing her lips lightly he placed his forehead on hers " I will " the lord whispered against her lips

after the girl finally calmed down and the Lord promised that he will visit her she agreed to let him go

when she opened the door to her mother room she found her still asleep she walking towards her she kissed her mother forehead gently, Althea missed her mother when she was walking around the house she wanted her to go back as before but all the doctors told her that it's impossible for her and it's miracle that she is still alive, thinking about all this made her heart feel heavy

at the evening after she made the dinner for her mother and fed her with her own hands the both of them spoke for a very long time before her mother fall asleep

after washing the dishes she didn't have nothing else to do so she took a book and sit in the living room and started to read it after about two hours later she heard a light knock on the door looking at the time it was two in the morning getting up she went to open the door she already knew who was knocking

" come in " Althea spoke in a low voice

closing the door the lord pulled her in his embrace hugging her tightly and she too didn't hold back and hugged him too recently the lord noticed that she is becoming more open with him

" you should be sleeping now, " the lord said pinching her cheeks " come it's very late," the lord said as he took her hand and started to walk towards her room

he suddenly stopped on his track looking at the closed door Althea noticed that he was staring at her mother room

" do you want to see her? " she asked
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the lord didn't answer but already knew it holding his hand tightly she walked towards the door of her mother room and open it " she took sleeping pills so she won't wake up until the morning " she said as entered the room

looking at the sleeping women on the bed the lord noticed how beautiful she still is he looked at Althea who was staring at her mother with sad eyes he could tell how much she loves her " it's been years since I last saw her smiling I did everything that I could " Althea paused sighing tiredly

" it makes sad and angry I can feel that she still love him a man like him who is heartless he pushed into the darkness and yet she still has a feeling for him " she continued as she looked at the lord

pulling her in his arms " sometimes people can not forget the one the loved even if they hurt them " he spoke as looked at her mother she didn't know why but somehow hearing this made her smile

" come let's leave her rest, " Althea said to the lord

when the two of went inside her room the lord suddenly pinned her on the door holding her hands above her head " Kan " the lord cut her off

" you are a bed girl Althea wearing such thin clothes " the Lord spoke his face inches away from her face she could feel his breath on her skin

hearing his words Althea forgot about her state of clothing she wore a light summer sleeveless red dress today the weather was very hot so after she took a bath she wore this dress but seeing how he was looking at her she regretted wearing it


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