healing heart
137 Passionate nigh
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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137 Passionate nigh

Rated 18+


she gasped when she felt him lifting her body off the ground afraid that she would fall she held on to his neck walking towards the bed he sat down with her straddling him she blushed forcefully when she realized their position

" This colour looks good on your skin " the lord spoke placing hand's on her waist Althea who was blushing seconds ago her face was extremely red right now

kissing her cheeks he looked in her eyes those blue like ocean eyes who captured him making him he the vampire king unable to resist these innocent eyes

the lord untied her hair to see it fall beautifully behind her back it the soft waves at the end of her hair add a warm and alluring aura around her

" you are very beautiful " the Lord spoke in a husky voice as he brought a lock of her hair to his lips

her breath hitched when she felt his hand under her very short dress " Kaname " she placed her hand above his to stop him

instead of stopping he captured her lips with his kissing her making forgot about her protests he parted her lips with his tongue and she opened up to him knowing it was too late to stop him as she was already floating in his passion

letting go of her lips he started to place an open mouth kisses on her neck by now her breath was coming out from her rosy lips in a short gasps

her back arched when he rubbed her sensitive core from above her underwear Althea covered her mouth with her hand trying to silence her moans

his fingers worked very gently and very slowly as his lips kissed and she sucked on her exposed skin leaving red marks behind it

her body trembled and wanted more his slow ministrations were pleasurable and torturing at the same time she wanted more but she couldn't say it aloud

his other hand unbuttoned the buttons of her dress revealing her ample bosom for him without any warning he took her pink bud between his lips sucking it roughly her back arched more giving him more access with one hand holding her waist protectively he entered his finger in her aching core

trying to hold back her voice was a very hard task with his lips and fingers on her sensitive parts

" Mmm " her moans were muffled due to her hand covering her mouth

he pulled his fingers out suddenly of her aching core as she was almost close to reaching her peak he took off her underwear and her heartbeat quickened knowing what going to happen next

she felt him remove her hand off her mouth she and suddenly he entered her with his member her loud moan was silenced by the lord hand as she orgasmed the moment his hard member entered her core

she rested her head on his shoulder as she struggled to catch her breath as a wave of contractions kept hitting her one after another

" you are very sensitive my precious girl " he whispered in her ear as rubbed her back gently his gentle voice was the complete opposite to his rough handling
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she moaned softly when he pulled out his hard member of her and pushed back again she dug her fingernails in the flash of his back to as he started to thrust himself slowly inside of her she wondered when he had taken off his clothes when she felt his bare skin under her fingertips

" look at me Althea " he helped her to steady her self and covered her mouth when her moans begin to get louder

the atmosphere in the room becomes erotic as the two of them were lost in loving each other the most romantic way

her soft panting against his neck was making it hard to hold back any longer after her second orgasm the lord guided her on how to breathe slowly without covering her mouth as he made love to her

she could see the beautiful face features of the man above her she was no longer straddling him as the possessive man above changed the position he lied her on the bed showering her body and soul with love

" I love you " he whispered as let go of himself filling her womb with his essence making her orgasm for the fifth time that night

he held her limp body to him a running his fingers through her hair the young girl in his arms was fast asleep she slept peacefully in his arms she looked like an angel with her hair along the pillow she was the only pure thing in the filthy word that he live in she brought a kind of happiness that he never thought he would experience just looking at her can put his heart at ease

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    《healing heart》