healing heart
138 Unexpected turn part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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138 Unexpected turn part one

" did you buy everything, " Althea asked her friend Jan

" yes yes now can we go back " tired Jan said

today Althea and Jan and went to buy new clothes for her mother she is planning to take her to the summer festival it's a while since her mother went out of the house it will a nice change for her Althea thought

" you look happy," Jan said as looked at her friend how was smiling for unknown reasons today

" hmm is it obvious " she replied smiling nervously

" yes it is and... " Jan was cut off by Althea

" did you left the door open," Althea asked Jan

" no, you locked it don't you remember " Jan answered

" then who opened it " she went inside the house to check on her mother and Jan went after her

upon reaching her mother room she heard a woman voice and somehow it was familiar when she recognised it she felt her heart sank she suddenly felt a wave of dizziness that caused her to lose her balance she held on to the wall next to her to steady herself

" Althea what's going on, " Jan asked seeing her friend face turned pale

Althea didn't reply she looked at her friend fear could be seen in her eyes " the woman inside is Sara Shirabuki "Jan's eyes widened when she heard what Althea said

" why is she here? " Jan spoke in a starting to get worried

" I don't know, " Althea said as stepped forward but was stopped by Jan

" don't go there it's best if you leave now you" Jan tried to stop her but Althea went inside anyway

she that if her mother found out about Althea relationship with the lord nothing will be the same after today

" good afternoon Althea " Sara was the first to speak when she saw Althea

Althea didn't look or acknowledge the pureblood female instead she looked at her mother who was staring at glaring at her from the expressions of her face she could roughly guess that her mother was aware of everything now

" it's rude to not welcome your guest Althea " Sara spoke getting up from her sit " though I would like to spend more time with Kaia.."

" get out " Althea cut her off

" you do realise that you are speaking to a pureblood but it seems that he hasn't taught how to speak " Sara spoke as she stepped closer to her

" GET OUT " Althea raised her voice she could no longer stand this woman presence

" I will make sure that you will lose everything you love " the pureblood female spoke in a low voice just for Althea to hear before she left

Althea immediately went to her mother side once that hateful woman left " mother are you alright? what did she say to you? " Althea asked

" Why did you think that you can hide your secret forever? " came her mother cold voice

Althea body stiffen hearing her mother tone she was more than sure that Sara told her everything she lowered her head unable to face her

" speak," her mother said

" mother she is laying... " Althea tried to deny

her mother slapped her " don't you dare to lie to me " her mother pulled her hair roughly making her whines in pain
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" aunty Kaia please stop, give her a chance to explain " Jan tried to free her friend but she was shocked when Althea stopped her by raising her hand

" Althea " Jan felt her heartache seeing her friend suffering like this

" speak " her mother slapped her again " SPEAK is what she said true do you have feelings for him "

" yes " Althea answered in a low voice but it enough for the two persons in the room to hear

" you are a fool to believe that he loves you if he did why is he letting you work as his maid let tell you because once he takes what he wants he will throw you like you are nothing " Althea could only let her tears fall without a sound she clinched the sides of her skirt trying to endure the pain from her mother beating

" Please stop you will kill her " Jan hugged her friend in an attempt to protect her


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