healing heart
139 Unexpected turn part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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139 Unexpected turn part two

" aunty please just listen to her " Jan who was still hugging her friend to protect her spoke

" No, I won't listen now move move " Althea mother pushed her

when she didn't want to move she heard Althea weak voice " let her do what she wants " unwillingly Jan moved

" please aunty she is your daughter " Jan tried to bring the woman Infront of her to her senses

" did he touched you DID HE " her mother voice echoed in the room and when she didn't answer she pulled her hair again " SPEAK " her mother slapped her again

" ENOUGH " hearing the familiar voice Jan turned around to see the lord already making his way towards the mother and daughter

followed by Takuma and lady Chou

he pulled Althea in his arms helping her to stand on her feet seeing the bruises on her face he felt guilty and angry

fearing that he might do something reckless out of anger she spoke pleading him " please don't hurt her please " seeing the tears that were falling from her eyes his heart ached

" Why are you here? don't touch my daughter with your filthy hands " her mother spoke making the lord anger grow more

the lord didn't respond to her words he picked pale Althea in his arms and walked out of the room he didn't say or do anything to that women just for the sake of Althea

" Kaia please calm down " lady Chou spoke and when she didn't the old lady spoke to the lord

" How can you ask me to calm, wait you already know about this everyone knows about that how could let something like this happen, Chou, how could you " Althea mother sobbed covering her face with her hands

sighing tiredly the old woman told everyone to leave the room

inside Althea room

holding her tightly in his arms Althea continued to cry as rubbed her back gently Althea was scared she was scared that something might happen to her mother and scared because she never saw her this angry she was afraid that she will never forgive her

she never expected that something like this will happen no she knew that something could happen but she chose to ignore it

she forgot her limits and she hurt her mother and the lord who treat her with nothing but kindness and herself

" shhh everything will be alright " the lord whispered in her ear

pulling back Althea looked at the lord who was wiping her tears gently she flinched when he pressed on her swollen cheek gently " she went too far, why didn't you stopped her? the lord asked pushing her hair away to examine her face

Althea didn't answer she lowered her eyes, no longer meeting the lord eyes she didn't know what to say yes she could have stopped she had the power to but she didn't she let her take out her anger on her

" Kaname " Althea spoke holding the lord hand tightly

" hmm " the lord hummed his answer as he looked in her eyes

biting her lower lip she felt heaviness in her heart knowing what she was about to say will cause for both of them

" We can't be together anymore "
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a heavy silent fall in the room, the lord looked at her with an emotionless face his grip on her hand tightened but not enough to hurt her he stood up walking towards the window Althea flinched when she heard a sound of glass cracking before it breaks spreading its pieces along the floor

realising his mistake the lord turned around walking back to her side Althea who had her head low she was crying again the lord noticed this time because of him he scared her this was the first time Althea see this side of the lord

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    《healing heart》