healing heart
140 Unexpected turn part three
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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140 Unexpected turn part three

cupping her face in his hands he kissed her forehead then her eyes still close to her face he whispered " I apologize for scaring you "

Althea closed her eyes and let her tears fall she felt that she was suffocating her she couldn't bear this pain anymore her heart and soul were torn between the man she loves and her mother and the results of the two choices will leave hurt suffering and drowning in sorrows

seeing how much she was suffering mentality he couldn't tolerate watching her like this " forgive me Althea " placing his hand on the back of her head using his powers to let her sleep the young girl body give in and collapsed in his arms
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in Althea mother room

" No this is the end of the discussion Chou " Althea mother said

feeling irritated of this old woman she couldn't hold it any longer " listen to Kaia you can not blame her for your own mistake you that what happened back then and what happens now is very different, what if she discovered the truth if she found out that you lied to her you will lose " lady Chou knew that her words were harsh but she had to say it

nothing her mother responded with nothing after all her long-time friend was right but she just can't admit it

at the lord mansion

placing her on the bed he took off her shoe and tugged her body under the covers lifted her head gently he untied her hair so that she will be more comfortable he brought here hoping to spend some time with if decided to leave after she wakes up

seeing her sleep soundly he was somehow relieved caressing her face gently he bent down and kissed her lips lightly he was about to lose his control completely when she told these words if he hadn't controlled himself at the last second he could have hurt her

the thought of her leaving his side was something he could not imagine a life without her is meaningless now but if went to leave he can't force her to stay with him

she will hate him and that is something he can't take he would rather see her happy away from him then miserable and unhappy by his side there was one thing he was certain of once she leaves his side he can no longer continue on living

at Althea home

" thank you," the blonde vampire said to Jan who handed him a cup of tea

sitting on the opposite side of him " your welcome " Jan smiled at him

" I hope she will be alright," Jan said putting her teacup down on the table she was worried about Althea when she saw the lord holding her in his arms and leaving with her

" There is nothing to worry about, he treasures more than anything and to be honest I never saw Kaname treat anyone the way he treats Althea " Takuma words brought some kind of relief in Jan's heart

Jan noticed that the blonde vampire Infront of her was looking at her with a strange way that it made her feel uncomfortable

Takuma who was looking at her he couldn't remove his eyes off her the truth is that this little girl had caught his attention from the moment he met her with her long dark black hair and her hazel eyes and her beautiful voice

Jan who was unaware of the man thought's who was sitting with her in the room she smiled at him nervously

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    《healing heart》