healing heart
141 Good to her
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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141 Good to her

when Althea opened her the first thing that she noticed that she wasn't in her room but the lord, she looked around her and he wasn't there she could clearly remember what happened yesterday but why he would bring her here at time like this she need to know if her mother is alright she got off and was about to stand up but a strong wave of dizziness made her fall back on the bed
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" Althea are you alright? " she heard the lord voice she lifted her head to see him coming towards her

placing his hand on her forehead he checked her temperature " you have fever stay in the bed " the lord said as he helped her to lay down her fever

" stay... please," she said her voice was weak she was scared she didn't want him to let go of her

smiling gently at her he lay down beside her holding her in his arms and she snuggled closer to him the lord pushed her hair away from her face and kissed her cheek " will you let me go and see her " the Lord heard her say she referring to her mother

" am I that cruel in your eyes," the lord said as he brought her hand close to his lips kissing her palm

she shook her head " No you have been more than I deserve " Althea said not looking in the lord eyes

" yes you can go but I will go with, no close your eyes and sleep, " the lord said as he placed his finger on her lips not giving her the chance to say anything

watching the sleeping girl in his arms he could tell that something is changing in her body he had felt that that since the last time he drinks her blood placing his hand on her lower abdomen he didn't felt or hear another heartbeat expect for her on heart he thought that she might be with a child and but she wasn't and if she were it would be very dangerous for her if she wasn't taking care of especially in the first months

at Althea home

" where is Althea? " her mother asked she had been feeling guilty after what she did the poor girl didn't stop

" the lord took her with him don't worry once she gets better he will let her come back he is not bad as you think " lady Chou answered

Kaia fall silent for a few seconds before asking " does he loves her? "

" that is something that you should ask her about but to answer your question yes he does " the lord replied not wanting to hide the truth anymore

" even if she can't be with him " hearing Kaia words Chou started to get angry she wanted to scold her being stubborn but she that she was sick

" alright but please take care of yourself she will be very sad if something happens to you," the old lady said

at the mansion

Althea was sitting on the chair as the combed her hair the feeling of the hairbrush running through her hair followed by his fingers it almost made her fall sleep she wanted to do it herself but he refused

she saw him put the brush down and walked to stand Infront of her she saw him kneel taking both of her hands in his he asked " do you want to stay there until everything settled "

" yes but what about you," she asked to see the lord smile at her words

cupping her right cheek he spoke " don't think about me now "

seeing how the lord was treating her she felt guilty he always was good to her no matter what happened " I'm sorry for saying these words the other day "

" hmm I will not accept words as an apology this time, " the said with a mischievous smile on his lips making the pool girl heart pound fast

" come now we have to go, " the lord said giving her his hand


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