healing heart
142 End this
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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142 End this

noticing that she is worried the Lord spoke to her " everything will alright " he held her hand kissing the back of it he pulled her in his embrace Althea watched their entwined hands wondering how many hardships she has to pass just to live peacefully

" Althea " the lord voice brought her back to reality as she drowning in her thoughts looking outside the car window she noticed that had arrived

" Althea " the old lady hugged her tightly " I was worried "

" I'm sorry for worrying you I'm fine " Althea replied

" lord Kaname " the old lady bowed respectfully the lord nodded his head

" How is she? " Althea asked about her mother

" she is fine but she still angry " the old lady replied

" let me talk to her, " the lord said

Althea looked at him with worried expressions she could imagine her mother reaction if she saw him " I don't think that it's a Good Idea "

" don't worry I will not do anything to her, " the lord said before heading towards her mother room Althea sat on the chair feeling uneasy about what might happen

knocking on the door the lord waited for a few seconds before entering the room her mother was sitting on the bed she looked like she was waiting to see her daughter the lord thought

" good evening lady Kaia " the lord greeted first

" what are doing here " her mother spoke glaring at him she was expecting to see Althea not him

the lord smiled at her as he took a set Infront of her " is this how you speak to someone who helped you " she heard him say

" This is how I should speak to a person who is planning to destroy my only daughter life," her mother said

" I didn't come here to take your blessings but you have the right to that I will never harm her she means the world to me and I'm sorry but Althea will be my wife whether you agreed to it or not " the Lord spoke in a warning tone

" she will never disobey me," her mother said making the lord chuckle

" How shameful of you using her love to you " the lord paused looking at the woman Infront of her " have a wonderful evening, " the lord said before he left the room

seeing the door room open Althea and lady Chou stood up walking towards them he smiled at them and for some reason, Althea felt that something wasn't right " she wants to see you " the Lord spoke patting her head gently

Althea looked at him for a few seconds before walking towards her mother room

' lord Kaname what did you told her mother? " the old lady asked

" nothing " the lord replied

inside Althea mother room

" for who long you have been with him? " Althea heard her mother ask

lowering her head down Althea answered without looking " for a year "

" for a while year you have been lying to me I feel like I don't know you Althea " her mother words were like knives stabbing her heart

" mother..."

" No I'm not going to hear more lies you see going to end this do you hear me Althea " nodding her head Althea stood up and left the room
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Althea felt lost hopeless, end this, how can she do that will she be able to that she already knew the answer to that she can't

she can't forget him or lose her mother it was the first time in her life that she felt unbearable heartache she felt like she was suffocating all she wanted to do right now was close her eyes and sleep and never wake up


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