healing heart
143 The plan
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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143 The plan

taking a deep breath Althea tried to not show any emotions she thought it was for the best until she finds a solution

" did everything went well? " the old lady asked

nodding her head Althea smiled she was good enough to hide it from the old lady but not enough to hide it from the lord

" Alright I will go and prepare the food " lady Chou said

" I will help you," Althea said already making her way towards the kitchen

" no you stay here you don't look well " the old lady spoke patting her head gently

Althea turned around and saw the lord staring at her she knew that she couldn't fool him with a smile

" do you want to have a walk? " the Lord asked and she nodded her head

taking her hand the lord went outside the house with her Althea noticed that she never saw the side of the woods did the lord came here before she wondered

" Are you tired? " she heard the lord ask

" no actually I feel better " she replied smiling at him

cupping her face the lord bend over and kissed her lips suddenly pulling back a little his he looked into her eyes Althea could feel his breath touching her face the look in his made her heart skip a beat " I'm sorry for making you suffer because of me " she heard the lord say

the tears that she has been trying to hold fall at his words yes she tired and suffering and torn apart from the inside and she couldn't talk her mother has pushed her to the limits this time it was as if she was asking her to choose between her and him and either choose could rip her apart

" it pain to see you like this " the Lord spoke as pulled her into his arms walking

after awhile Althea pulled back looking up at the lord " can we get through this " she asked

" yes " the lord replied " but for the time being we have to make her believe that you and I no longer together " the Lord explained to her

" will this work? " she asked not feeling very sure about what's going to happen

kissing her eyes he replied " it will, it's only a temporary until things settle alright " thinking about it for a while she nodded her head

after two weeks

two weeks have passed and in this two weeks Althea didn't go to the mansion or saw the lord she was following his plan thought to be honest Althea doesn't know where all of this is going to lead

looking at the ceiling above her she sighed another sleepless night in the last few days Althea couldn't sleep much it was like her mind can't stop thinking

getting off the bed she went to the kitchen to drink water everyone was asleep her mother lady Chou and Jan both her friend and the old lady stayed with for the past two weeks and she was glad they didn't go handling her mother after knowing everything was very difficult

when she went back to the room she found the window open Althea panicked could a thief had broke in but with all the eyes that the lord around the house no one can enter she patted her chest to calm down and closed the door behind her but she was suddenly felt someone pulling her before she could scream a hand covered her mouth

" shh it's me " hearing the familiar voice she relaxed

removing his hand he turned her around " I'm sorry for scaring you " hearing his gentle tone she realized how much she missed him
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Althea didn't say anything she just stared at him with her blue like ocean eyes Althea was never the like the other girls she never liked or even look at any man in a romantic way

but he came and changed all of that his touch his voice the way his eyes look at her everything that he does can make her heart skip its beat

" if you keep looking at me like that I might not be able to hold back " the lord whispered in her ear hoping to bring back the young girl who was staring at him to the reality

" sorry " Althea lowered her head feeling embarrassed of her actions


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