healing heart
144 The Calm before the storm part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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144 The Calm before the storm part one

lying on the bed the lord pulled her body close to him he could tell that she was tired due to lack of sleep the moment she lied her head on his chest she falls asleep he attended to not come and see her for a while longer but Takuma had told that in the last three days she bearly ate or slept and if she were to continue like her body will collapse

the lord wanted to put an end to all of this but he feared that his decisions will hurt her feelings and right now her body is in a critical situation and it needs to be taken care of

feeling a warm hand touching her face her eyes fluttered open her vision still blurry

" good morning " she heard the lord before capturing her lips with his the gentle kiss turned into a passionate on pushing all the sleep of her mind

when he finally let go of her Althea was panting struggling to catch her breath " breath slowly " the lord guided her placing his hand on her chest " good girl " the lord said kissing the top of her head

the young girl beneath him could only watch with her eyes as her body followed every command he ordered her to do it scared her sometimes

" I want to take to someplace," the lord said as he watched how her cheeks start to redden when his hand rested on her waist

clearing her throat she placed her hand above his trying to stop him from doing something after all the were not alone in the house " where to? " she asked

" you will see when we go there," the lord said as he helped her to get up

the moment she put her feet on the ground and stood up she felt a strong wave of dizziness making fall backwards but the lord was quick to catch her

" Are you alright? " the Lord asked her noticing her face turning pale

" I'm fine but this been happening with me for a while now " Althea answered feeling a bit nausea " it must be because I haven't been eating well lately " she smiled at the lord not wanting him to be worried about her he had enough troubles she thought to herself

after telling her mother that she is going with Jan to the market Althea managed to leave the house

" where are we going, " Althea asked

the lord didn't answer her right away he buried his face in her neck making the young girl giggle at the ticklish feeling against her neck that his breath brought " you will stay with me today " she heard the lord say

" but what about my mother " Althea tried to protest

" it's only for today but if don't want to it's alright " he gives her no chance to say anything with way he spoke Althea thought that atop of his god-like face he was blessed with a voice that can make any women fall for him

she nodded her not able to refuse his request he always takes care of her and never asks for anything this is the first time that he requests something from her she couldn't say no Althea thought to herself

sitting on the chair Althea was waiting for the lord who had asked her to wait for him once they reached the mansion
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hearing the door opening she turned around to see the lord entering the room with a cup in his hand sitting beside her he handed it to her

looking at the wired colour of Ingredients inside the cup she felt like vomiting " what is this? " she finally asked

" drink it first then I will tell you, " the lord said tagging some of her hair behind her ear

Althea looked at the lord with worried expressions she didn't want to drink this and why is she has to drink it she wondered

taking the cup from her eyes widened when she saw the lord drink the cup before bending over placing his lips on hers making her drink the medicine forcefully

wiping her mouth with a clean napkin he handed her a cup of water her head felt heavy after drinking this weird thing she felt the lord lifting her and placing her on the bed " sleep my precious girl it's all going to be alright " the lord whispered in the sleeping girl ear kissing her forehead gently


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