healing heart
145 The Calm before the storm part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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145 The Calm before the storm part two

" did you slept well? " the Lord asked
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" hmm " she snuggled closer to him not wanting to get

wrapping his arms around her body he lifted her body making her lay atop of him there was nothing embarrassed about it now that lord has done it many times before " how do feel? " he asked rubbing her back gently

come to think about it she was feeling much better than the last days it's like she doesn't feel nothing her body felt more energetic " I feel better what was in that cup? " she lifted her head a little to look at him

the lord tried to ignore the feeling of her sweet breath on his face but the way her rosy lips were parted and how her chest rise and fall as she breathed in and out and her warm body that was between his hands

" it's a mixture of herbs medicine " the lord answered pushing the hair locks that covered her face tagging it behind her ear

" and how did you know that I was sick? " she asked with a frown on her face

" hmm you are smarter than to ask such silly questions, " the lord said as kissed her neck making her shiver and close her eyes

" Althea " the Lord called her with a husky voice and she opened her eyes looking at him

" I need you " and that was it before he captured her lips with his in a very passionate kiss

Althea noticed that this time the lord made love to her very gently and as always he pleasured her first making her body addicted to the way he handles her but there was something different this time he was being very careful with her asking her if he was hurting her

after taking a warm the Lord helped her to sleep using his powers, he shouldn't have touched her today but she is very beautiful making it hard for him to restrain himself

in the next morning Althea woke up at the small of delicious food she " good morning sleeping beauty " she heard the lord voice

the lord who just done bathing had a towel around his waist making the upper part exposed to see she looked away immediately realising his state of dress

" yes " she answered her cheeks turning red

" don't worry about your mother," the lord said as sat down beside her

" oh my god I forgot about mother " Althea spoke as she was about to get off the bed but the lord stopped

" it's alright she had been told that you are at your friend Jan house," the lord said

hearing this Althea felt relaxed if her mother would suspect that she is still seeing the lord she will be in a big trouble

" thank you " Althea spoke

the both of them sat on the table to eat but when Althea reached her hand for the milk cup the lord stopped her " No I will be feeding you today " hearing this Althea was dumbfounded but it was too late to refuse as he already started on feeding her

" I can eat myself " Althea tried to protest

" No " that was the lord reply to her protests Althea kept quiet and let him do whatever he wants she felt like he was spoiling her

" Kaname I want to ask you about something " Althea spoke as he was busy wiping her mouth after finishing eating, she saw the lord nodding his head for her to ask

" What happened with Sara she suddenly disappeared and I'm positive that you did something, " Althea asked and heard the lord chuckle at her words

" she is being punished for what she did but that is something that you don't have to worry about, " the Lord said not wanting to say more

from the lord tone, she could tell that he wasn't going to give her any details but hearing the that she is being punished Althea somehow felt a bit scared after the lord isn't a forgiven man


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