healing heart
146 The Calm before the storm part three
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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146 The Calm before the storm part three

In Althea dream she was surrounded by the darkness she couldn't see or hear the only thing she felt was a heavy weight on her chest she couldn't move she reached her hand to touch her surroundings but there was nothing

Althea heard someone calling her name and shaking her body she opened her eyes and saw the lord staring at her with worried expressions helping her to sit up the lord asked " nightmare? " she nodded her head and felt the lord wiping her tears

" you were screaming and crying do you want to talk about it, " the lord said as he patted her head gently

" the only thing I remember was darkness everything was dark... " she paused trying to remember

she looked at him as she was pleading for him to save her from her fears

" it's alright Althea it was only a nightmare " the lord whispered in her ear his soothing voice started to claim her from the inside

suddenly an urgent knock on the bedroom door was heard " stay here I will be back shortly " Althea nodded her head

" Kaname something bad happened, " Takuma said not knowing how the Lord will deliver the sad news to Althea

the lord closed the bedroom door and the both of them headed towards the library

" what happened, " the lord asked once they entered the library

running his hand through his hair anxiously the blonde vampire spoke " it's Althea mother... she... she " Takuma couldn't finish her words but the lord understood everything

the lord sat on the chair the poor girl will be heartbroken once she knows this is all came too sudden, for the first time in his life he the vampire king felt hopeless

" make the arrangements for the funeral " the lord left the room after giving his orders
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walking inside the room the lord looked at her with a heavy heart how he is going to tell her

Althea who noticed that the lord was looking at her she felt something different about him like he was sad but what could have happened she wondered

walking towards her he suddenly pulled her in his arms hugging her tightly Althea was shocked by the lord sudden behaviour

pulling back the lord kissed her forehead " listen to me Althea I want to be strong no matter what happens " the lord spoke in almost a whisper

blinking her eyes a few times Althea looked at the lord confused " Kaname you scaring me what's going on? " for some reason the lord was acting very strange making her scared

" my apologies, now go and get ready " the lord spoke patting her head

Althea walked towards the bathroom but looked back at the lord before closing the door she couldn't help but feel that something must have happened for him to act this

lady Chou who was sitting in the living room she couldn't stop crying no matter how hard she tried " how she will survive this " the old spoke between her sobs, wiping her tears she looked up hearing the footsteps

" good morning lady Chou, Takuma " Althea greeted them but no one replied she looked at the lord then at the old lady who her eyes were red as if she was crying and Takuma

Althea started to panic she turned to the lord hoping for answers " did something happened to my mother " she asked her voice quivering

taking a deep breath the lord looked at her there was no point of delaying this placing his hand on her shoulders the Lord spoke the words that might end the life that already living inside of her " Althea your mother passed away "

for a second she thought that she misheard him but the look on the lord face confirms it, the lord had expected her to collapse and cry but she didn't she stayed there looking at everyone in the room

" I want to see her " she suddenly spoke her voice void of emotions

the lord noticed that she was in a shock state her mind is yet to comprehension everything is happening the situation is far worse than he expected it to be

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    《healing heart》