healing heart
147 The Calm before the storm part four
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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147 The Calm before the storm part four

Althea sat by the window her eyes reflecting the passing by buildings but her mind was elsewhere in her mind she thinking about the past the happy and the sad memories with her mother the reality of not seeing her once again still hadn't sink in her mind

when they reached the house they watched as Althea walked towards her mother room the door was slightly open she felt her footsteps become heavy no she didn't want to go there she didn't want to see her for the last time what she will do with her life now that she is no longer in it

walking inside the room Althea saw her mother body covered with a white sheet reaching for it she pulled it away her mother eyes were closed her skin was very pale there was no movement she wasn't breathing touching her face with hand it was cold that's when her mind realized that her mother is no longer there only the body not the soul

" mother why did you left me, why " Althea shook her mother body trying to get a response from her but nothing came " WHY " the girl sobbing broke every on heart

" I did everything that I can and now you are leaving me HOW CAN I LIVE WITHOUT YOU HOW " Althea fall on the ground not able to stand on her feet

the lord was watching everything thing from outside the room but didn't try to stop he gave her the space that she needs he watched her with a heavy heart as the young girl collapsed on the ground sobbing loudly

it has been more than an hour and Althea still in the same position crying she suddenly stood up and started to shake her mother body roughly " YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME ALONE WAKE UP YOU CAN'T LEAVE MOTHER OPEN YOUR EYES WAKE UP " Althea started to scream at the lifeless body in her hands

the lord could no longer watch he entered the room and pulled her away from her mother body " please let me wake her up I'm bagging you she will wake up I'm su..."

" Althea she is no longer alive how she will wake up " the Lord spoke to her gently but Althea mind couldn't digest these words

she pulled herself away from him " then if she no longer here then nothing should be here " she started to break everything that was in the room

" NOTHING SHOULD BE HERE " the lord watched her as she screaming and breaking every object in the room

at night

it was the hardest night in her life Althea she felt lost hopeless empty and scared when she couldn't no longer take these feelings she looked up at the lord how beside her the whole day " help me " she whispered her voice hoarse from the crying

he gathered her in his arms placing her on her bed he put his hand on the back of her head using his powers to make her sleep

the following day after the funeral Althea didn't leave she sat there with the lord by her mother grave the rain falls heavily that day their clothes were drenched from the rain but he cared less he only was afraid that she might get sick

when he saw her looking at him the lord asked " do you want to go back " but she didn't want to go back to her house at least for today the lord understood her feelings that place held too many memories and being there right now was hard for her so that day he took to the mansion

" Althea there is someone wants to meet " the old lady entered her room and found her holding her mother picture and crying she nodded her head wiping her tears before going out
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seeing who was the person that wanted to meet her Althea became very angry " what do you want "

standing up from his place her father made his way towards her " my condolences to you I'm very sorry " the Hanadagi lord spoke

" thank you for your kindness lord Hanadagi now you can leave " Althea spoke with a cold tone

" Watch your manners young lady your speaking to your father, " the pureblood male said

" she will speak whatever she likes and you won't have a say in it lord Hanadagi " the lord spoke walking towards Althea

" please leave, " Althea said feeling tired suddenly she felt like she going to pass out any minute now

the Hanadagi lord didn't come here to disturb her he knows that she was sad for losing her mother but he didn't know why he wanted to see her and for his surprise, he wanted to take her in his arms

" you should know that I respected your mother "

" you respected her YOU HATED HER YOU TRIED TO KILL THE BOTH OF US MANY TIMES " Althea could no longer hide the anger that she was keeping inside of her for years now " GET OUT I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE GET OUT NOW "

seeing the way she was looking at him it was a pure hatred the Hanadagi lord realized that it was too late to fix what he broke

Althea felt strong dizziness before she collapsed in the lord arms

" Althea " her friend and the old lady came rushing when they saw her collapse

" don't worry she will be fine," the lord said picking her tired body in his arms walking towards her room


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