healing heart
148 Drowning in misery part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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148 Drowning in misery part one

week has passed since Althea mother passed away now she bearly eat or sleep what no one knew that she was feeling guilty for what happened to her mother these days she refusing to speak with anyone even the lord, the feeling of guilt was eating her from the inside she regretted everything she did if she hadn't worked in that mansion in there first place things wouldn't have come to this end now she lost her mother and she is drowning in misery feeling guilty for everything she had done she kept on asking herself can love bring her back? no, nothing can and now she is gone forever, Althea hated this feeling of loneliness she was feeling now she wanted to be in her mother arms so she could feel safe again but it's too late to think about that
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the knocking on the door brought her back to reality but she didn't move from her place " Althea dinner is ready, please come and eat something " the old lady spoke from behind the door

she didn't care about the knocking on the door lying her tired body on the bed she closed her eyes hoping to never wake up

by the time Althea woke up it was early in the morning she didn't want to open her eyes but the uncomfortable feeling in her stomach forced her to wake up once she reached the bathroom she could no longer fight the strong feeling of vomiting

supporting herself with her hand she kept on vomiting it felt much better now after getting everything out of her stomach taking a quick bath she went back to her room she was glad that no one woke up right she doesn't have to power to argue with anyone looking

hearing the raindrops on the window glass she looked outside the rain started to fall heavily it felt like it was washing everything with it she looked up at the sky wondering if what they say true, that the soul of the dead people can watch you from the sky she wondered if her mother can see her right now " mother I'm sorry I disappointed you " she mumbled to herself as a line of tears fall from her eyes

" are you trying to kill yourself " Jan scolded her friend how paid no attention to her

" Jan get out " Althea spoke with looking at her all she wanted is to be left alone

Jan sighed before walking out of the room

" good evening lord Kaname " the old lady greeted

" How is she? " the Lord asked

" it's the same, my lord, nothing changed " the old lady replied, nodding his head the lord walked towards Althea room

knocking on the door he didn't wait for her reply and went inside he found her standing in front of the closed window she turned around looking at him then turned back looking outside the window her heart telling the things that she was trying to hide as it skips it's beat not once but twice before for she forced it to calm down

" Althea " he called walking to she was but she didn't reply only sigh as she closed her eyes

" Are you ignoring me?" the Lord said pushing her hair to the other side to place a kiss on the exposed skin of her neck

to his surprise she turned around looking at him with cold eyes " we need to talk " Althea said stepping away from the lord

the lord ignored her behaviour and nodded his head for her to talk

" I think it's better to stop seeing each other for some time " she spoke her voice void of any emotions


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