healing heart
149 Drowning in misery part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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149 Drowning in misery part two

the girl laying on the bed her face was pale for it's been almost a month and Althea could bearly eat anything and if she tried to she would she end up vomiting it, Injecting some kind of medicine in her body Jan covered the sick girl and sat beside her on the bed she knew that Althea wasn't asleep but due to weakens of her body she could bearly do anything

it was after Althea had asked the Lord to stop coming to see her Jan started to notice strange things happen with her she would get tired easily vomit everything she eats and sleep more than usual

and one morning when Jan woke up she heard Althea voice and it sounded like she was crying reaching towards the bathroom she found her hovering above the toilet

ruching towards her Jan supported her body as she was about to lose her balance " Althea what's wrong " Jan asked the very pale girl

" I... I don't know " she bearly managed to utter these words

" it's alright I'm with you now " Jan spoke to her as she helped her wash her face

" for how long you having these symptoms? " Jan asked as a doctor she already had her doubts

" more than a month if I remember correctly " she answered looking at Jan who looked like she already knows something
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Jan sighed before she spoke " how month you have been late " Jan asked

" about two months " Althea panic when she thought about the possibility of being... no no that can't be it she thought to herself

" Althea " Jan spoke to her carefully " don't panic it might be something else.let me do a full check up on you then we will know "

at the hospital ward Althea was waiting for Jan she sat there waiting for Jan nervously she didn't know what she was supposed to think or do if was carrying a child and on the top of that it's a pureblood child

hearing the door opening she turned around Jan entered the room and locked it with the key so no one enter

sitting Infront of her Jan " Althea don't be scared " Jan spoke carefully taking her hands in hers " there is nothing wrong with you but.. " Jan paused

" but " Althea urged her to continue

" you are pregnant " Althea's eyes widened when she heard Jan

" Althea he must ... " Jan was cut off

" No," Althea said in a firm tone

" it's pureblood child Althea the law of the vampires does not allow you to keep the child with you " Jan spoke to see her friend lower her head

rubbing her back gently Jan said " I'm sorry I pushed you too far let's go back and then we can think of something "

but Althea had fallen ill very quickly with every passing day she suffers more and Jan told to abort the child Althea refused

" you are dying Althea and there is one way to save you but you are refusing it " Jan spoke but the old lady stopped her

" Jan that's is not the right time," the old said

" No I'm not going to tell him I will have this child alone don't you ever repeat this conversation do you hear me " Althea spoke as she tried to get off the bed but she was too week

Jan walked out of the room not able to stay in here

" Please don't cry Althea " the old lady hugged her

" I never felt this vulnerable in my whole life " the old lady heard Althea say

" Althea my dear you are not vulnerable but I don't understand why you are doing this but it's okay you don't have to tell me but the lord isn't a bad person and you know that very well," the old lady said wiping her tears

" But you can not be selfish and think only about your self you have a life growing inside you what are you going to say to that child if he or she knew that you that you took her or his forcefully away from there father did though about that " the old lady spoke the facts that Althea was trying to not think about

she remained silent she didn't have an answer to all these questions

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    《healing heart》