healing heart
150 Drowning in misery part three
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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150 Drowning in misery part three

" The annual meeting will be on the next weak is there any new preparation we should add lord Kaname, " the young senate member asked

" no, just the usual, this the list of the important guests make sure that they receive the " the lord said giving the white folded pepper to the young vampire

" yes my lord, any other orders," the young vampires asked

" No, you can leave not " the lord ordered

after the young vampire left the lord lied back on his chair unbuttoning the first two buttons of his shirt running his hand through his hair he sighed tiredly as he was about to close his eyes to have some rest a knock on the door interpreted him

" good evening Kaname, these peppers need your signature " Takuma placed the peppers Infront of him
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the lord picked up the pen and started to go through the peppers after about two hours later all the peppers signed

" I met Althea friend today," Takuma said waiting to see any emotions on the lord face but as always he was emissions less

seeing there is no reply Takuma continued anyway " I asked her about Althea and she said she is doing fine but the weird thing is when I asked her that I want to visit Althea she refused and said that Althea doesn't want to see anyone "

still, there was no response from the lord something if off Takuma thought to himself " Kaname are you hiding something from me I'm your long-time friend you can not keep things from me " Takuma spoke in a childlike tone

the lord only chuckled and stood up picking up his coat and started to walk towards the door with Takuma running after him like a desperate child

" and what are planning to do right now," Takuma asked after the lord told everything

" Nothing " came the lord shocking reply

the annual meeting is scheduled meeting for the pureblood vampire and the nobles vampire to discuss the senate inside and outside members and after meeting a big party will be held on the honour of the vampire king

" at least pretend that you are enjoying your time " Takuma whispered to the lord

but the lord paid no attention to him and continued sipping the glass wine on his hand lazily his eyes scanning through the guests

Just as he was about to leave a young girl came to him " its pleasure to meet lord Kaname " the young girl spoke but the lord didn't even look at her

the girl felt offended but she acted as nothing happened " my lord it seems that you are tired I can offer my blood and unforgettable night " the girl spoke in a seductive voice placing her hands on his chest

the lord pushed her roughly that she landed on the ground bringing everyone attention to them " please forgive her my lord " the girl father spoke " she is still young and Ignorant "

" take her " the lord ordered the guards

" my lord please " the girl father pleaded as he watched his daughter being dragged away by the guard

the lord left the hall but stopped midway when he heard a woman talking " what is the special thing about that lowly human that you keep refusing everyone because of her "

turning around looking at the woman has eyes turned to red " don't you dare to call her with that word again " the woman body turned to dust after he finished speaking

no one dared to say anything knowing what their fate will be


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