healing heart
151 Heartbeats
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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151 Heartbeats

taking off his necktie roughly he pushed the doors to his bedroom door and shutting it with a loud bang making all the servants in the house trembling in fear, it's been more than a decade a since the saw there master this angry

" Everyone back to your work " the old lady ordered

inside the lord room

" Kaname you asked for me," Takuma said closing the door behind him

the lord who was sitting on the sofa with his hand covering his face Takuma couldn't see anything but he was sure that he was extremely angry and when Kaname is angry that means that someone will die

" There is something I need to do for me " the Lord spoke as stood up walking towards the window

the next day

getting off the car Takuma went towards the small house Infront of him knocking on the door he waited for the door to be opened

" Takuma what are you doing here? " Jan was shocked to see him here

" good morning Jan " he greeted her as walked inside the house and closing the door behind him " my, is this how you welcome your guests " he spoke teasing her

" good morning please come in " or you already came in she thought to herself

" I'm very sorry for coming so early in the morning," Takuma said

" No it's alright, do you want to drink something? " Jan asked

" no think you I was just passing by, where is Althea? " Takuma asked looking around him

" she is sleeping " stupid Jan you should have said she is not here

" Please wake her up I have something important to tell her," he said

Jan looked at him not knowing what to answer " I can't "

" why," he asked walking towards her

looking in his deep green eyes she stopped thinking he too close for her good, taking a step backwards but he took a step forward " because she told to not wake her up " what a stupid reason is this Jan

Takuma didn't see anything for some time making the poor girl heart pound fast suddenly and without any warning, he placed his lips on hers in a quick kiss before he pulled away walking towards Althea room leaving a very lost Jan behind it was a great move to distract her

opening the door quietly he entered the room Althea was sleeping walking closer to the bed he sat on the chair next to the bed she looked exhausted her skin was very pale the poor girl must have suffered

" Takuma " he heard a weak voice

smiling gently at her he spoke " good morning Althea "

she only nodded her head mornings were the worst when it comes to pregnancy that she learned, but she wondered what this surprise visit was about

" I was passing by so I thought to pay a visit if you don't mind " he explained

she laughed weakly at his words " you are laying " she said giving her hand to him to help sit up on the bed

" you always been smart " Takuma spoke as he helped her " yes he sent me to visit you "

" to be honest I thought that he forgot about me and got tired but no matter what I do I can't push him away from me " Althea spoke her voice was very weak

" Why did you do that Althea now the both of you are suffering? " Takuma asked to see look at the other side at least he knows that she was feeling guilty

" thank you for your visit Takuma now if you don't mind I want to have some rest " she knows that she was being rude to him when he has nothing to do with all of this but his question was hard to answer at the moment

after he left Takuma went back to the mansion informing the lord about his visit the lord listened quickly without saying anything
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at night in dark room the sleeping girl on the bed didn't notice that someone was in room walking towards the bed he placed his hand on her head he used his powers to make sure that she won't wake up he sat on the bed and gently caressed her face he missed the feeling of touching her soft skin

lowering his face he kissed her forehead gently then he kissed her lips lightly the lord ears couldn't ignore the tiny heartbeats that he was hearing from the moment he came he slipped his hand under the covers placing it on her lower abdomen he could now feel the tiny heartbeats against his palm and it quickened for a second before it became normal ones again


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