healing heart
152 The end or the beaning part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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152 The end or the beaning part one

Jan noticed that Althea was very quiet this morning she ate a small breakfast and then she went back to her room remember that nothing happened yesterday before they went to sleep

" Althea are you alright? " Jan who came to sit beside her on the bed asked

but the girl didn't answer she kept on staring outside the window " did someone came after I slept? " Althea asked

" No, why are you asking " Jan was confused pregnant women tend to be wired sometimes

then what she felt last night could it be a dream but felt him kissing her forehead and touching her belly she touched her lower abdomen as thought about it,

" I'm fine don't worry " Althea spoke as she looked at her friend

" I haven't seen you smile like for almost two months now it's good to see smile again Althea, " Jan said as she handed her a cup of water and her medication " take your medication and have some rest "

" How is she today? " the old lady asked

" well she is surprisingly good today she even smiled " Jan answered still confused about what just happened

hearing this the old lady was relieved " that's good to hear "

" I met the Hanadagi lord yesterday " the old spoke
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hearing this Jan was shocked " and "

" He knows but the strange thing is that he didn't inform the senate " the old lady was very confused and suspicious about Althea father intention

" are you going to tell Althea " Jan spoke lowering her voice making sure that Althea doesn't hear them

" No it's only going to upset her, but... " the old lady paused " if the senate members knew about she will be forced to marry the lord or the will take the child from her " the old continued

" but that's unfair how could they do that to her " Jan was very angry

the old lady sighed before she started to explain " she is pregnant with the vampire king child and that child will be the heir to the throne do you understand now Jan "

Jan nodded her head before asking " what do you think the lord will do? "

" I don't know but what I do know that will never hurt her " the old lady answered


after three months

Althea health was unstable in these three months being pregnant with a pureblood child had effected her health Althea now is almost five months pregnant

Althea was sitting on the wooden chair reading a book when she heard Jan scolding her " didn't I tell you to go to sleep your body needs rest " Jan took the book from her and put it aside

when Althea stood up she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her lower abdomen and a strong wave of dizziness before everything went black

" Althea answer me " Jan shook her body but there was no response

" I managed to save her this time " Jan spoke to the old lady who sitting beside unconscious Althea

taking off the medical glove " the next both of them will die I can not stand and watch her kill herself "

" what are you going to do " the old asked

" you will see " with that Jan left the room

" Is there something wrong my lord " the young vampire as when he saw the lord stopped sighing the peppers

" nothing " the lord replied coldly " Cancel everything for today and don't let anyone on enter, you can leave now " the lord ordered

" Althea " her name came out from his lips in a whisper, he had felt that something happened with her he fought the urge to go there immediately the stubborn girl was she testing his patience because he doesn't have much of it she was hurting him


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