healing heart
154 The end or the beaning part three
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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154 The end or the beaning part three

he couldn't take his eyes off her he missed her voice the touch of her hand she blush forcefully when he kiss or touch her, Althea may think that the lord had known her when she started to work in the mansion but he had known her since she was fourteen years old that means that he had known for eight years now

he was passing by the same street that she was working in the saw a young girl was standing Infront one of the shops he saw her smiling as she was talking to an old woman that smile stole his heart later on when he found who she was he decided to not Interferes with her life at the time she was still young but fate had its own plans and seven years later she was Infront of him and how lucky he was that she came to him on her own

Althea thought that she was dreaming when she felt a warm hand touching her face her eyes fluttered open to see a familiar face she blinked her eyes a few times to make sure that she wasn't dreaming

" good morning sleeping beauty," the lord said kissing her forehead gently he was about to touch her face when she flinched making him frown

her heart started to beat fast she placed her hand on her lower abdomen as if she trying to protect her child was she scared of him

" Althea " the lord called her gently

but she didn't answer she tried to get off the bed but the lord stopped her " I'm not going to hurt you Althea " he whispered gently to trying to calm her down placing his hand above hers

" what do you want? " she asked her voice was weak
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the lord understood her fears she was going through mixed emotions that made her react this way " don't be scared " the lord pulled her in his arms for a while before pulling back to look at her she was tired and weak " I missed you " the Lord said to see her look away

" how do feel? " he asked her tagging a piece of hair luck behind her ear

Althea looked at him no matter how hard she tried to hate him she couldn't and seeing him now it proved to her how much she missed him

" May I, " the lord asked wanting to touch her belly

at first, she was hesitant whether she should let him or not but when she looked in his eyes she saw the man that she falls in love with the man who will never hurt her but she still has her doubts, she nodded her head and removed her hand slowly

she felt his hand touching her lower abdomen gently she could feel the warmth of his hand on her skin unwillingly tears start to fall from her eyes she trying to hide it but she very tired and sick and she just wanted to be embraced by him and never let go

" shh don't cry everything will be alright " his gentle voice whispered in her ear coaxing her to let go of her fears

his hand was still on the small swell of her lower abdomen rubbing it gently it was a little embarrassing for her but she didn't stop him

" How did you know ? " the Lord heard her ask

he stared into her eyes for a moment before replying " that's doesn't matter right now the most important thing now is that I have to nurse you back to health, I shouldn't have left you I'm sorry " he whispered the last part against her lips he wanted to kiss her but the moment didn't seem right

" sleep now I promise that when you wake you will feel better " the lord whispered in her ear as he placed his hand on her head in a few seconds the young girl in his arms closed her eyes

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    《healing heart》