healing heart
155 Tangled feelings part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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155 Tangled feelings part one

" her body is very weak the fetus too, for now, we have to wait until she wakes up to know what the reaction her body will take after giving her your blood " Aido spoke as watched the IV drip transferring the blood inside her body

the lord had assigned Aido to be the supervisor doctor for Althea right now he is the only one he can entrust with her life

the lord didn't respond after hearing what Aido said he knew that the chance for the child to live is very weak he can afford to lose the child but not her

" I will come and check on her after she wakes up," Aido said before he left

" How is she? " the old lady came rushing when she saw Aido coming out of the room

" We have to wait to that answer " Aido spoke looking at the old lady who was very sad

" lady Chou prepare the first floor for any guests Kaname may receive do not let any step in here " Takuma ordered the old lady

inside the lord bedroom the lord was sitting on the chair next to the bed looking at the time it was almost midnight and Althea still hasn't wakened up the uneasiness in his heart was growing with every passing second it was only the steady beats of her heart that made him know that she was still alive

" dose the senate know? " Aido asked

" they don't not yet " Takuma answered " but I feel like Kaname is planning for something "

" he always does " Aido chuckled thinking about what kind surprise does the lord preparing for the senate
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" but what if something happened to her will he be able to take it " Takuma spoke looking outside the window

the next morning when Althea opened her eyes she found herself alone in the lord room she didn't have the time to think about anything as the feeling of nausea made shut her eyes tight trying to endure it she supported her body slowly getting up from the bed walking towards the bathroom she very thankful that the bathroom was close or else she probably end up vomiting on the clean carpet

once the guests that the lord was having left he went back to the bedroom when he entered the room the bed was empty but he could hear a sound coming from inside the bathroom he quickly walked towards the already open door to find her hovering over the sink vomiting

the lord pushed her hair back while he supported her body with the other hand after she finally calmed down he helped her to wash her face and brought her back to the bedroom

" how do you feel, " the Lord asked as he combed her hair

" better " she replied still feeling confused that the lord is right beside her acting like nothing happened

the lord sensed her discomfort and her confusion hugging her from behind he spoke next to her ear " don't worry right now I just want to focus on getting better " the lord paused kissing the top of her head " now be obedient and lay down on the bed the doctor will come and check on you " the lord said as patted her head gently as he helped her to lay down

Althea nodded her and watched the lord walking out of the room for a few seconds before coming back with Aido with him Althea looked at the lord and then at Aido not understanding what's going on

" good morning lady Althea " Aido greeted her

hearing the word lady Althea turned her face looking at the lord silently asking what's going on she saw the lord smiling gently at her

" how do you feel today? " Aido asked as he placed the stethoscope on her chest

" much better " she answered as she looked at the blonde vampire does vampires, doctor, need stethoscope she thought to herself

" that's a good sign " the Aido smiled at her

he knows how to smile too she thought to herself, her body stiffened when he placed his hands on her abdomen she was used to Jan to do that and Jan was female " everything seems fine " Aido turned to the Lord who was sitting on the chair across the bed

" rest for today I will come back tomorrow to discuss your condition, have a good day " Aido smiled at her again making the poor girl look at him in confusion

" Kaname may I have a word with you " Aido spoke to the lord the both of them left the room which gives Althea the time to think about what just happened

she clearly remembers that Aido hated her so much what made him change his attitude towards her it made no sense to her

about half an hour the lord came back with a maid following him pushing the wheel tray " I will take it from here " the lord signalled to the maid to leave

picking the milk cup he handed to her Althea mouth watered seeing the food that was in the tray when she finished drinking the cup the lord started to feed ignoring her protests

" Are you craving anything? " hearing his question she choked on her food what embarrassing questions is that

" I'm full, thank you," Althea said

taking the napkin he started to wipe her mouth gently that day the Lord didn't push her any further he knew that she still needs time to adapt with everything that is happening


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