healing heart
156 Tangled feelings part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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156 Tangled feelings part two

a week has passed since Althea was brought back to the mansion her health is getting better with every passing the lord never left her side he would feed her every meal with his hands even pick her clothes at times she felt like a helpless child she still not used to be pampered like this although the lord hasn't spoken anything but she could see in his eyes that he wanted her to open up to him but was being patient with her, it's not like she doesn't want to talk but every time she tried her feelings get tangled up that doesn't know what to say so she ends up being silent

" Althea " the old lady voice brought her back from her thoughts

" you look lost, I'm here if you want to talk " the old lady patted her head gently

Althea was hesitated at first " I don't know what to say it's like my feelings are locked inside me " she was exhausted from keeping her emotions inside her

" you mean your feelings towards the lord? " the old lady asked to see her nod her head

" do you hate him? " the old lady asked

Althea shook her head " then you love him? " she didn't answer the question this time she felt embarrassed to answer such question

" let tell this Althea you need time but that doesn't mean that should not try to open up to him and I think you understand what I mean the lord loves you Althea he is willing to give up on anything just for you all he wants is a little bit of attention from you to his kindness is that hard to give, I will give the space to think about what I said " the old lady stood up and left the room
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attention! what did the old lady meant by that she was now more lost than before she sighed as walked towards the wardrobe she wanted to take a relaxing bath but first she wanted to take her clothes with her she did not want to be in an embarrassing situation so it's best to take her clothes with her

the wardrobe in the lord room was very large after she was done picking her clothes she closed the wardrobe feeling a bit curious she wanted to see what was inside the lord side but she gasped when she opened the other half of the wardrobe she thought it contains the lord clothes but she found was very different it was the kind of clothes that women wear to there husband's in bed she closed the door with a loud bang and went towards the bathroom

Althea:- (^_^メ)

how did these clothes come here? she couldn't help but wonder

the lord looked at the girl in front of him who was nervous and flustered something must have happened the lord conclude

taking off his coat he walked towards her sitting on the bed beside her " I missed you " the Lord spoke kissing her forehead gently which made more nervous " your heart is beating very fast, why are you very nervous? " the Lord asked

" No I'm not " she tried to act normal

" hmm " the lord was not convinced

placing his hand on her lower abdomen the lord massaged it gently " dose it bothers you? " Althea understood what he meant he was asking if she was bothered by him touching her belly

" No " she replied shyly not meeting his eyes

" look at me Althea I missed being started by those beautiful eyes " by now Althea was overwhelmed with feelings that her cheeks start to become red

he guided her face to look at him she saw him smile as he looked at her making her more flustered

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    《healing heart》