healing heart
157 Tangled feelings part three
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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157 Tangled feelings part three

" I noticed that you have been avoiding talking with me, may I ask why? " he spoke looking into her eyes holding her gaze

if only she knew the answer to that thought Althea to herself

" are you regreting? or let me be more clear are you regretting everything that happened between us and this child " he touched her lower abdomen

" No I'm not regreting but it the same time I'm lost, everything happened very quickly my mother died and then I learnt that I'm with a child I know that I'm being unreasonable and I'm sorry " she whispered the last word looking at the other side

" then allow me to show you the way, Althea you need to understand that you are very precious to me, do you trust me? " he asked cupping her face with both hands

for a moment everything seemed beautiful and real but can she let her guard down and believe this, this dream this unreal fantasy world where she can have her child and live peacefully, can she?

she looked at the lord her eyes filled with doubts and questions " I do trust you but... " the Lord put his finger on her lips he doesn't want to hear more her trust more than enough for him

" and that all I need, I promise you that I will make you happy " he kissed her forehead gently

" come " the lord stood up giving his hand to her which she took it he made her sit in front of the dresser

" now close your eyes," the lord said

Althea looked at him confused but closed her eyes anyway, she felt him put something cold around her neck " now open your eyes "

she opened her eyes and looked in her reflection in the mirror there was a small diamond necklace she lifted her hand touching the surface of the sliver necklace it looked beautiful the pendant looked like a lotus flower " it's beautiful " she spoke looking at the lord through the mirror " but why? "

" can't I gift my wife to be? " the Lord asked her back kissing her temple she blushed forcefully hearing his words

seeing her red cheeks the lord wanted to tease her more " what did you forget that you are my fiancee " he placed his hands on her lower abdomen from behind " or did you forget how this little one here came "

Althea felt like her body heated her face felt very hot and the lord breath on her skin wasn't helping her it only made it worse

" do you think I will survive? " she asked looking at the lord through the mirror

the lord looked at her for a while before he turned her around " you will, I promise "

Althea smiled when he kissed her little belly a smile he hasn't seen for a while now it that moment he wanted to kiss those alluring lips but he stopped himself she still needs time to recover

a knock on the door disturbed their peaceful moment " come in " the lord said

" good evening Kaname, lady Althea," Aido said as entered the room

" good evening Aido " the lord greeted back

" It will hurt a bit try to endure it " Aido spoke to Althea who was now lying on the bed

after injecting the IV drip Aido left giving the couple some privacy seeing he will be in half an hour

Althea lied on the bed watching as the blood entered her body through the long tube

seeing her questioning gaze the lord sat down on the bed next to her taking the hand that had the drip contacted to it he runs his finger gently on her hand " you know you can ask me anything you want " he urged her to speak what's on her mind

" Is this your blood? " she asked pointing to glass bottle that was hanging on the long Iron stick

the lord nodded his head still running his fingers on her hand which it brought a tickling feeling yet soothing

" don't worry about me " the Lord spoke as if he was reading her mind Althea was afraid that something might happen to him because of the loss of blood
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" it's time for your sleep " the lord placed his hand on her forehead putting her to sleep he kissed her lips lightly before he whispered in her ear " I love you "


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