healing heart
158 The Vampires Society part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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158 The Vampires Society part one

" do I have to meet them " Althea spoke feeling a bit nervous

today Althea is going to meet the senate members and the pureblood lords and ladies after all their king finely decided to get married so of course all of them wants to meet her

" it's alright Althea you don't have to if you don't want " the lord smiled gently at her but when Althea met lady Chou eyes she saw her staring at her with disappointing

it made Althea feel guilty the lord was always good to her he never asked her to do anything to him and meeting them will not kill her any way she thought to herself

" Alright I will meet them " she held the lord hand tightly trying to be strong

" thank you " he kissed her forehead

the old lady left leaving the two of them together the lord lifted her body making her sit on his lap Althea buried her face in his chest and felt him wrapped his arms around her " are you nervous? " the Lord asked

" a bit " Althea replied her finger drawing circles on the lord clothed chest

" if you keep doing that I might do something that your body is still weak to handle " he spoke removing her hand gently kissing her fingers one by one earning a soft sigh from her

clearing her throat she looked at the lord and said " I should get ready "

" as you wish my queen " he put her gently on the bed and then he left

walking towards the mirror Althea saw how red her cheeks were she patted her chest trying to calm her beating heart

looking outside the window Althea could see the guests arriving closing the curtains she sat down waiting for the lord she didn't know what to expect but she was sure that she will be unexpected by them she is human and he is their king, of course, she prepares herself for the worse

hearing the door opening she turned around and saw the lord entering the room

" Now I'm wondering if should let them see you," the lord said as he kneeled before her " you look breathtaking " the lord whispered looking in her eyes

Althea wore a lavender colour gown with long sleeves with her long hair let down she looked like an angel

" you still not dressed " she spoke ignoring the lord courting words

" well I was about to but seeing you now like this I just want to look at you and not do anything else " the Lord spoke in a husky voice making her heart skip a beat
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kissing her cheek he got up on his feet walking towards the bathroom leaving behind a flustered Althea

by the time the lord was read most of the guests arrived Althea wondered if her father will come she didn't know how she will react when she sees him

taking her hand in his the lord asked " are you ready? "

she nodded her head " what should I do if he came " she looked up at him

" do whatever you want. remember that I'm with no one can lay a finger on you do understand " he looked in her eyes making her body shiver

was he giving her the liberty to do whatever she wanted, she wondered how it would be like to order people around

" relax " the lord whispered in her ear when he felt he tightened her hold on his hand as were about to enter the hall

the moment they entered Althea saw every on bow once they saw the lord " good evening everyone " the lord greeted first

" good evening my lord, my lady " Althea wanted to laugh at the way they spoke in a union but she didn't want to embarrass the lord

" is this is the one my lord? " an old lady walked up to lord not taking her eyes off Althea " she is indeed very beautiful " the old lady compliment

" thank you," Althea said she noticed that the lord didn't respond to the old lady she wondered why

" you the only one that has the privilege to see his soft side " she heard a familiar voice

" good evening Kaname, Althea " Takuma stood next to Althea as he spoke

" If you are Jealous I can show a side of me you will wish that haven't seen " the Lord spoke with a sinister smile on his lips

" See I told you " Takuma spoke to Althea pretending to be sad

Althea covered her mouth trying to not laugh out loud she let her eyes wander taking a look at the guests she doesn't know anyone of them

" here " the Lord put a plate full of fruits

after talking with some of the guests that the lord and Takuma introduced to her she felt a bit hungry but she wondered how the Lord knew that she was hungry

taking a sip from the water glass her eyes catch someone familiar the glass of water in her hand was about to slip before the lord catch hold of her hand " what's wrong your heart is beating very quickly suddenly? " the Lord asked taking the glass from her placing it on the table


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