healing heart
159 The Vampires Society part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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159 The Vampires Society part two

looking at the same spot she didn't see anyone she wondered if her mind playing tricks on her " it's nothing " she turned around looking at the lord smiling she knew that the lord didn't believe her

Althea was about to say something else when Seiren came and said something to the lord Althea took the opportunity to look through the guests again but she found nothing when she looked back at the lord she found him looking at her he entwined their hand's together as if he sensed her uneasiness

she could feel everyone gaze on her the wanted to something to her to judge her but they were afraid of the lord that made Althea wonder does the lord have another side of him that she didn't see and what it would be like? she thought to herself

after the dinner, the senate members and the lord held an important meeting as Takuma told her Althea could tell that it's somehow related to her

" I feel like they want to say something but they are afraid," Althea said to Takuma who was sitting beside her

" of course they want to, you took the place that many females have dreamed of so yes they will try to kill you at any chance that's why you need to be very careful around them Althea the vampires world is not as bright as Kaname showed you we are very dangerous creatures " Takuma words were true her mother had experienced that side

" I'm sorry my words were a bit too harsh but it's only because I want you to be aware of the world that you are going to live in " Takuma felt guilty for seeing this words but he had to the lord loves her so much that doesn't want to show the dark side of their society

" it's alright I understand " Althea smiled at him

after some time Seiren once again came and said something to Takuma " Althea you need to come with me " Takuma looking a bit worried as he said this words

following behind him the both of them headed towards the meetings room " listen to me Althea let Kaname answer their questions don't be reckless I know that you have sharp tongue but that won't work now " Takuma spoke as he opened the door for her she only nodded her head she was nervous and doesn't understand what's going on but she trusted the lord

once the doors opened she saw the Lord sitting on the head of the table the Lord gave her an assuring smile and she walked towards him noticing the eyes that were staring at her Althea sat beside the lord she felt a little better now that she is beside him

" lady Althea we asked the Lord to bring you here because we have some questions we wanted to ask " one of the senate members spoke

placing his hand on hers the lord spoke " it's okay you don't have to answer if you don't want to "

Althea smiled and nodded her head she turned around and looked at the senate members

" The Lord had informed us that you are pregnant with the lord child but you are not married to the lord and therefore that child will be considered illegitimate if you aren't married to the lord " the senate member spoke the other members agreed with him

" I understand that and, actually we started to make the needed arrangements for the wedding " Althea words shocked even the lord

Althea turned around and saw the lord amusement look

" We are very sorry my lady the lord haven't told us anything " the senate member started to apologize

" you will be forgiven this time for speaking to her like this when the wedding date is set you will be informed now leave " the lord spoke with looking at them

Althea watched as the senate members left she looked at the lord " I'm sorry I should h.... " the lord cut off

" come here," the lord said giving his hand to her and she took it he guided her to sit on his lap

fearing that someone might come in she spoke " what someone came in " and the answer to her question was the sound of the door being locked

Althea gulped softly when she saw the look in the lord eyes " I'm not made at in fact you made me very happy " the lord whispered his face was very close that she could feel breath on her skin
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" what are doing to me Althea you making fall for you with every passing day " he watched as her face turned red and her lips parted as if they were inviting him

placing his hand under her chin making her look at him he was about to kiss her but Althea placed her hand on his mouth

" There are people outside the door Kaname " she spoke pointing towards the door with her other hand

" don't you think that I have waited for enough time " the Lord spoke as he removed her hand

without waiting for her response he gently placed his lips on hers the kiss was gentle at first before it turned to a passionate one from the lord side his hand that was on her waist moved up resting on her small belly at the same moment his tongue entered her mouth she moaned overwhelmed with feelings the kiss continued until Althea was breathless

" no more," she said placing her hands on his chest she was panting heavily her face was very red due to the intense kiss

" I'm sorry I should have been more gentle " the lord spoke kissing her forehead gently

Althea suddenly felt tired she lied her head on the lord chest they stayed like this for a while until Althea spoke " I was scared that you might don't want the child I was afraid I didn't know what to do I should have trusted you " she paused for a while trying to hold herself together and not cry " I'm sorry " she wanted to say these words from the moment she woke up and found him beside her

" I shouldn't have left you, you needed me at the hardest time yet I wasn't there, and this " he spoke placing his own her lower abdomen " how could I don't want something that it's half of it its part of you, I'm going to be selfish here I want it to be a girl who looks just like you " he saw her smile when she heard his words

Althea fall asleep on the lord arms due to the exhaustion she could finally let her guard down knowing that there is someone will keep her safe


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