healing heart
160 Cared for her that much
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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160 Cared for her that much

she watched from the window as the lord left its days since the lord left her side for the past weeks he was only taking care and that can be noticed as she gained some weight he told that he won't take long to get back but she already missing him, of course, Althea is still like always having problems expressing her feelings but the lord can understand her now with her speaking

Althea sit on the bed thinking about everything now that the senate know that she and the lord will soon get married they haven't visited our bothered them everything seems to be good but she didn't know why she was feeling worried maybe it's because everything things happened fast but she just couldn't ignore that feeling inside of her

Althea was sitting on the chair reading a book when the old lady came to her room
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" good morning lady Chou, " Althea said putting the book down

" good morning " the old lady sat beside her " you don't have to call that now that you are the lady of the house " the old joked

Althea didn't respond to her words but only smiled

" How is everything going between you and the lord, " the old asked to see the girl's face turn to red

tagging the hair that falls on her eyes behind her ear she answered shyly " good "

" I wanted to ask you about Jan I haven't heard from her for a long time now " Althea tried to change the topic

" she does want to see you but she is afraid that you are still mad at her," the old lady said

" No I'm not mad at her I understand that you and Jan care about me and I'm really lucky to have you by my side " the old lady hugged Althea after hearing her words

cupping the young girl face the old spoke " I'm very happy that you finally found your happiness " she kissed her forehead gently before she left the room

later at the evening

the lord came back early but he had some paperwork to do so Althea didn't bother him and went to the room after she took a warm bath she felt a little sleepy

hearing the door opening her eyes fluttered open she saw the lord walking towards the bed " did I woke you " the lord asked as he sat beside her on the bed

" no it's alright " she smiled at him

" I'm going to take a bath you can go back to sleep if you want " kissing the back of her hand the lord got off walking towards the bathroom room

about twenty minutes later the lord walked out from the bathroom room wearing only a towel around his waist leaving his upper body exposed to her eyes showing his perfect body Althea gulped softly as she watched the water drops falling from his hair down to his body until it disappeared she felt a strange feelings seeing him almost naked like this

the lord felt her burning gaze on him and it started to arise the feeling that he was trying to for her own sake, walking towards the bed he hovered over her not putting his weight on her body

" you are becoming naughty staring at me like that " the lord whispered in her ear before he sucked on her earlobe

" What did I do " she tried to defend herself

but the lord answer was kissing her lips passionately making her forgot everything she wants to say from her lips he moved down to her jawline and neck kissing and sucking making her weak trembling beneath him

suddenly his movements stopped and when Althea opened her eyes she saw him looking at her with a warm gaze he kissed her cheek and got off the bed leaving a confused Althea

Althea:- (。ŏ﹏ŏ) did she did something wrong?

he put on his clothes and went back to the bed covering the both of them with the thick duvet he pulled her body close to him feeling his warmth her eyes surrender themselves to sleep it made her very happy that cared for her that much that he didn't give in for his desire


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