healing heart
161 Pretended to sleep
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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161 Pretended to sleep

waiting for the lord to finish his meeting Althea sat inside the bedroom she wondered what is going on that the senate members had to come from the early morning and there is no doubt that it's something bed truthfully Althea hate the senate members but she tried to act politely with them for the lord sake the are very tacky and dangerous as the lord told her even now he told her not to leave the room until they are gone

hearing the noise outside the window she went to see what's going on she saw the senate members leaving and the didn't look happy something must have happened Althea went to the library and found the door open looking inside she saw the lord with his hand massaging the space between his eyebrows he looked exhausted she entered and closed the door behind her walking towards him the lord turned his face looking at her he gave her a gentle smile once their eyes met
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" I saw them leaving now, did something happened? " she asked walking towards him

" Nothing important " he replied to her kissing her palm

suddenly she glared at the lord and pulled her hand from his " you are doing it again keeping me away from everything " she was very angry it's not that she didn't understand why he was doing this but doesn't like it

" Althea I'm only trying to protect you " the lord stood up he was about to hug her but she stopped him

" keeping away from everything won't protect me, I want to share everything with me it makes me feel useless when you treat me this way " she spoke looking into his eyes

" The reason I did that because I want to keep you away from this dark world that I'm part of I want you to live away from it " he spoke to her with a very gentle voice as if he was afraid that she will break if he raised his voice

placing her hand on the side of his face she smiled at him and said " then you are pushing me away from you because you are part of this world "

putting his forehead on hers he chuckled helplessly she was winning every discussion lately he felt weak against her innocence if she wanted to she could make him her slave the funny thing is that she doesn't even know the effect that she had on him

" you are becoming a bad girl lately I should punish you " he whispered against her lips his as one of his hands reached to hold her small waist while the other touched her lower abdomen that is now becoming a little bit bigger than she can't no longer hide it with clothes

" you are avoiding my q... Ah " her words were cut off by a sudden pain in her stomach

helping her sit on the chair he crouched down Infront of her " I thi.. I think that child just moved " she spoke to see the lord nodded his head she placed her hand on the same place that she felt the child kick but she felt nothing " Did you felt it too? " she asked the lord

" I did " he replied to her kissing her stomach

Althea smiled as she runs her hand through her hair everything looked peaceful and clam between them she hoped that it will always be like this

" they asked about the wedding date? " Althea asked the lord as he placed her on the bed

" you always surprise me, " the lord said as he pecked her lips " yes they did, but you don't have to worry about that " he didn't want to her to feel like she had to do that he was planning to make this day the most beautiful day in her life

Althea frowned hearing this but she didn't say anything she the lord noticed the change in her behaviour and knew that made a mistake " I don't want you to feel that you are forced to do this " his voice was very gentle as spoke to her

" I want to " she left the words unfinished knowing that he will follow her words and it's very embarrassing to say that she wanted to marry him

with her eyes down she didn't saw the lord eyes that have turned dark her words had turned his desire to have her

" thank you, " the lord said kissing her forehead " you made me very happy " he couldn't take off his eyes of her she looked very beautiful and alluring he couldn't stop himself this time he captured her lips in a very passionate kiss but after what seemed forever of kissing the lord noticed that he overdo it this time the young girl body couldn't take his rough kiss her eyes close themselves and she dozed off to sleep

the preparation for the wedding begin Althea have been informed by the lord that it's going to be a big wedding which made her nerves but the Lord assured her that everything will be alright, Althea wanted to help but unfortunately in this days her health has fallen back again she could do anything except staying in bed

after hearing the door locked Althea opened her eyes she pretended to sleep when the lord woke up waiting for him until he left the room she opened her eyes she has been doing this for days now it's not like she doesn't want to see him but with her health doesn't do well and the need to be taken care by him it made her feel useless she hasn't told anyone about that, she tries to smile and act positively around the lord

wiping her tears with the back of her hand she got off the bed slowly walking towards the bathroom room after filling the tub she stepped inside it the warm water soothing her troubled mind after overhearing what Aido said to the Lord three days ago her fears doubled

" I'm very sorry but there is nothing much we can do "

the lord who was starting outside the window turned around looking at him " how long? " the Lord asked

" I don't exactly know but we might lose her even before the child is born "

Althea who was about to knock on the door took a step back and headed to the room sitting on the bed she tried so hard to not cry but the tears fall unwilling from her eyes

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    《healing heart》